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Winter Projects


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So as we enter the winter months (in Europe at least) I wondered what other members of the group do to amuse themselves or what projects they have planned for the next few months.

Me, l have still to finish last winters project, station canopies, they have been built and taken apart two or three times now but still dont look right so time for another go.

Aloneside that l shall continue tracking down my electical problems on the good weather days.

Anyway who said garden railways were only for the summer?

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I have a bakers dozen of coaches to dismantle, detail, paint & fill interiors and weather :| although Im not sure it will get done - Im struggling for enthusiasm at the moment with a job of this magnitude - I could do them a few at a time, but the job is much easier when you do them all at once.

Ive also got a couple of new locos which need renumbering or weathering, so I can always tinker with them - trouble is, when ive done that, I will be impatient to put sound in them and the finances cant stand that presently :roll:

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A healthy Pay Pal account has meant a bit of a splurge on e bay the last two weeks, of course it all stuff l need, honest! Anyway this includes a couple of cheap coaches and equally cheap lighting kit and flush glazing.

If fat fingers here can fit the glazing and lights and interiors without raiseing the old blood pressure to much then they will be another thingto add to the list as well.

The high winds forcast this week hopefully mean rhat most of leaves will be down soon so a trackbed clean up wont be just a waste of time.

Also got a couple of new additions to add decoders to, another task to rasie the blood pressue! Whey the hell do they make it so hard to take the bodies of some of these models when they know you have to fit decoders etc! Always end up with a few bits of detailing hanging off.

Also got some point motors to check out as well and work out haw to wire them as the have no instructions and l'm a village idiot. Working out how to do this useing Hornby switches with non Hornby motors is also fun.

Also got my first point decoders to play with so the swear box will be full by Christmas.

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I'ts been blowing a hoolie most of this weekend out here on the east coast, leaves everywhere, but there is still a lot up there to go. Once the wind dies a bit, I'll have another trip up, to clear the gutters of the railway shed and mobile home.

My winter projects.

I'm pushing on get the extra shed built, before the real bad weather, then I can clear the last third of the railway layout shed and finish the lining walls , ceiling, and then build layout supports. I'll get some more blocks tonight for the shed base.

Model railway wise, I've been working on one of the many baseboards for inside the shed, this one is meant to removeable and possibly a show layout. So it's built with an extruded foam base board and ply edging. I'm now finally after all these years, doing some modelling. The landscape has been built up and when I get some more polyfilla tonight then I can finish that. Thin 12mm wide battons hopefully will be glued on this week to make the edges of the station platforms. Luckily for me the area I'm modelling had chalk very close to the surface, so white polyfilla is an ideal base for the landscape.

I'm going to try paper brick sheets on this section of layout I've always used plasticard before so it will be interesting to see if it suits me and the buildings needed.

There are two underbridges, the platform edging, station building, lamp shed and station masters house all in a red orange brick. Then a tin shed, wooden platform shelter and wooden signal cabin (on brick base).

Meanwhile outside, once the new shed is up, when the weather is right I'll continue digging the trench for the foundations for the wall the garden railway will sit on, our clay soil is a bit easier to dig with a bit of wet, even if is sticks to the boots a lot.

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It is the opposite in down under, too dam hot to even work under the pergola, this weekend is working up to in the very high 30's and low 40's 35 degrees in under the pergola, doesn't cool down to later afternoon need a shed with air con in it, in the UK, Europe and US you need a heater in the work shop. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Tony from down under keeping on moving a head.

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