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Hi I'd just like to say hello to everyone on the site :D ,

i'm planning a garden railway based heavily on Sectorisation with a view to eventually running DCC sound one day.

I intend to run scale length trains which could mean 20'+ trains (Class 60 on bogie tanks x 20)

I have the rolling stock and loco's just no where to run them.

I'm a member of a local model club, who has a large OO gauge layout @ 32' long, but it would be nice to have my own layout in the garden 8-) .

Having discovered this gem of a website after thinking no such website existed i'm very pleased and already getting sound advice from members on here. I'm very happy to date.

My garden is "L" shaped and approx 100' x 65' so there is plenty of scope for running there!

I have a double garage which one side is to be designated as the fiddle yard for storing stock without the hassle of putting it all away after a running session (i've seen me take 2 hours+ putting stock away after a running session on the club layout).

I've planned the layout to death over the last few months, including the fiddle yard dimensions, number of lines, line route and length calculations.

The layout is intended to be a double track "dog bone" that runs parallel with itself in the centre creating a 4 line mainline in the middle, It will run around the perimeter of the garden as not to interfere with the kids playing areas.

I intend to place the track around 20" up from the garden level. The garden is more or less flat with only a slight descent/incline down one end of the garden. One full circuit of the garden would equate to around 300feet, so it's a sizable layout :)

The track bed is envisaged to REAL railway sleepers (the 8 foot wooden creosoted type :P )turned "Side-on", two sleepers high with a staggered Brick effect to create a sort of border around the edge of the garden. The sleeprs will then be topped with 25mm decking board and roofing felt to provide the track bed.

I'll put some pictures of the Garden and garage up when I'm not at work and home in daylight hours :(

The fiddle yard is to be around 15' long and 3' approx up against the garage wall, 15' being the max length and 3' being the maximum comfortable reach for my arms. This equates to about 16 running lines withe shortest lines around 8' long.

I've opted for a fiddle yard height of 1000mm as this is a comfortable height to work at and will allow me to store my rolling stock under the fiddle yard with comfort. The fiddle yard will exit the brick garage through some kind of secure flap (ideas welcomed) cross over a path via a removable section into the garden,

The vigilant of you will have noticed that there is a significant difference of about 500mm between the fiddle yard and the main running lines, the only solution i've come up with is a helix in the garden, any alternative suggestions are greatly welcomed!

I would like to show members a sketch of the layout but i'm unsure of what software to use on a real map etc, any advice greatly accepted :oops:

I have lots of stock and will add some pictures when work calms down a bit.

I've started purchasing building materials, plywood sheets for the fiddle yard, roofing felt, deck boards and fiddle yard legs, the railway sleepers are due in about 1 month if everything goes to plan ;)

The costs soon mount up!

In the mean time I'm trying to declutter the garage as much as possible to provide space as it also houses the kids bikes/toys etc

#small steps

My signature says it all!

Thanks all

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Hi Totonlover and welcome to the site. I'm sure on here you will find all the answers you need mate. All I can say is time taken during the building of your railway will pay dividends later. Dont be afraid to ask questions youll find we're all a friendly bunch! Looking forward to seeing some pics when you get chance. Warmest welcomes again mate. Mark

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Sounds like an great plan. I'm all for the fiddle yard inside option. It makes it so much easier to get running.

My only concern for you is scale length trains on a helix. My railway is on the level and some of my locos have tractive effort problems and my longest trains is a Class 91 + 10. If you can find a helix to run some tests on it may be worth while.

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