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Jouef points and slips

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Included in a load track l've just bought are a load of Joeuf Playcraft points and slips.

The construction appears to be both steel and nickel silver rails on the same point. I do not intend to use them outdoors(If at all).

Anyway they appear to have point motors attached but l have no idea how to wire them up to test them. Each has what appers to be connections for 3 wires as per standard motors.

Given the multi-national make up of the group now does anyone know how to wire them up?

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Thanks Roddy. The points have 3 connection, 2 white and one red, do you think the red would be the return?

The double slips just have 3 terminals unmarked so l am guessing the same applies. Although not right for a purest the are great for a fiddle yard because the are small, about the size of a standard point.

I am geeting quite a collection of unloved makes (i.e. cheap on e bay) such as Jouef, Lima and Airfix. OK most are steel so for indoor use only but the reason l'm buying them, besides being cheap of course, is to build one of the large layouts out of hornby track plan books or freelance it, a basic bloody big train set in fact! A monster track mat in effect.

Just a bit of fun over the winter months.

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Hi Jim, I did a search on Jouef points and slip and not much out there, are the points new as they should come with a booklet to show you how to wire them up, strange colour coding, I think one of the white wires will be a common wire.

Came across some Lima points with motors and they have red and two yellow coloured wires, I will keep on looking and ask around the my train club as well.

Can you put some pics of the points and slip will help, thanks.

I bought two new Ryobi 18volt+one 5amp batteries yesterday, tried one out on my impact driver and the power that is there, can't wait to use it on my battery saw, also bought the 18inch cut 36volt mower as well, planning to do way with petrol garden tools all together. No more petrol lying around, will take time to replace, my wife can do the mowing now, she had trouble pushing the bigger petrol mower will sell that as well as the chain saw and blower . Could of bought a new train or the same price, nice to dream :D:lol::P:x

Tony from down under

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Attached is a photo of the Jouef points and slips l've got. Any infomation about wireing them up gratefully recived. Tried attaching them to a Hornby switch but no joy. The trouble is theres no standard wireing for point motors, l run Peco motors through Hornby switches. As an electrical moron this took me quite some time to work out what to do!


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