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Who would not be jealous?

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I came upon this old film footage.

And have a look at the signaling school, who does would not like a layout working like that? :o


I found this footage searching for a good book on British semafoor signals, preferably LNER type.

What I'm looking for is the way they are placed, especially junction signal and speeds connected to certain signal images.

Does anyone has any tips for me?

I already have found a few good websites like "Signalbox"


But it's a good book on the topic that I'm after, who has a tip for me?



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Hi Danny pure awesome and I like the book info on semafoor signalling in some branch and main lines in Australia there are still some semafoor signalling still in use, amazing.

I will be using LED signalling on my layout and hope to have three and four way signals, four way signals letting the train know the next block is clear to and the position of the point to, I have scratch built working two way LED with success, wo lots of signals wired up opposite to each other.

Straight be green curved red and changed be the opposite, have mad signal bridges as well using computer plugs to hold the bridge in place, will have to set one up.

I startd looking as well on you tube and came across this video clip and lots more listed on this link to check, very interesting subject indeed..

Tony from down over

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