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The Jamestown & Brampton Railroad

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Hi Tony, the loco is a freelance narrow gauge 0-4-0 diesel such that would be used in a quarry or mine, it's powered by a 3.8hp suzuki petrol engine.

I'm sorry but I'm not into boats at all so I'm unable to help with your quest to find your ferry.

Glad to hear you've got your computer sorted out, and that you are making good progress with your layout, keep on the good work chap!

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Hi Nige, any chance of a close up pics of your loco , interesting to what sort of gear box you be using.

Thinking of starting another thread in workbench mixing model boats and trains which they play a big part with trains , a good side line  hobby., the ship in question is quite large in 87 scale 2.1 metres in length 300 mm beam and 198 mm high from the waterline of the ship to the top mask,, mine be a water line model, but plan to build a second one with the hull  and join a model boat club  close by.

Thanks yeah coming along nicely with the layout build , hopefully wont take long to get hast the car port end .

I made a circular saw cross cutting jig to make easier to cut the ply square all the time and smaller pieces of ply plus the module legs, was an issue cutting the legs square, pics on my post, amazing what is out there on you tube where I got the idea from saving having to buy a mitre saw .

Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead .



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