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I think you directed that to me, if not, sorry Thomas! Firstly, 4 meters is "only" about 13 feet or so and secondly, we usually only operate with single locos but do occasionally double head just for fun though rather than because we have to.

Hi John, I actually did mean it to go to you , commenting on your friends grade  of .2.5 percent , my passenger trains are usually 18 cars long with two locos up front, I could ad on 10 more will see, freight trains like spine car with trailers  on will be 20 cars long 2will need three locos ..

My blocks are 0ver 20 feet  in length, have a bridge that is 14 feet in length, I be updating those pics in the work bench thread where I have a post on bridges.


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Found this video of a really great H0 garden layout based on US motifs. Probably from the Czech Republic, but it really gave me new ideas. Have a look, it's worth it.

My first turnout completely built by myself.  

Well you're certainly proving all the doubters wrong and showing that OO/HO in the garden can be very successful and worthwhile. Just wait until you can show them a fully operational layout next year!

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