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New Eurostar on it's way to delivery

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Hi Dany!

Looks nice, but I'm afraid there will never be a model of these.

The potentialy market is divided between H0 and 00 and as EMU-16 it is to long for the most layouts.

Fleischmann can do it easely because they've done DB class 407 and so they have any carriages needed for the e320 done but I presume they will not do it.

It's the same with Eurostar e300, there was also never a model availaible which included all intermediate cars.

Maybe if I've saved enough money I will add to the Fleischmann Class 407 the extra intermediate cars needed for the e320 and repaint the whole thing.

But first I will have a full length Class 407 ICE and second I think about to repaint a Fleischmann Class 407 as Turkish Class HT80000.

And because that will cost me 1500 Euros it will never happen this or next year.



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Hi Danny and Thomas, awesome, looks like the coaches are longer as well the big question how does the Eurostar coaches hook up like the TGV if not and they don't bring out a model be a big challenge in scratch building.

As you say Danny the from of the E3230 is very close to the newer ICE train some modifications to the roof, I am thinking about having a go, getting enough pics close up.


Came across some pics from railpictures counted 17 coaches , my longest passenger train has 17 coaches and it is over 15 feet long, quiet day at the train club was able to run the Indian Pacific. The Indian Pacific on in holiday season pulls 28 coaches the train at Sydney central platforms aren't long enough so the train has to be split up onto two platforms., I took a long video uploading it today on you tube.

What trains do you drive Danny all passenger, same thing happens over here as well Western Austria their EUM sets get made in QLD and because WA is narrow gauge like QLD they use different bogies and have to change bogies in Brisbane I want to model one as a freight load.

Tony from down under.



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@ Tony,

Prepare for a long scratch build, I think.

Thomas would be the best person to tell you, if there is any modern material that comes near to it, but I doubt it.

It is not my field of expertise, as I'm personally am more interested in steam.

The most modern material I have to run on my garden rail are two diesel class 40 models and those are only part of the cleaning train.

Although I have a few pieces of this modern passenger rolling stock AC, but I'm not an expert in it as thomas

The only thing I can do, as I see this modern material pass me by on a daily basis, is take some photos them.

I hope these photos are an inspiration to those who are interested in this high speed stuff?

The material I drive with, are mainly international freight trains.

Coming from mainly Antwerp or Rotterdam harbor going deep into Germany , from their sometimes German or swiss colleges take over with or without their own traction material.

These train compositions can go as far as Italy or somewhere in the east European countries.

The locomotives I run at the moment, are the NMBS type 28/29 Traxx build by bombardier, also known in Germany as the type 186.

The difference between a classic German type 186, is that a Traxx can run on in several countries whit their specific security systems and tensions.

You must not compare the European rail system to the Australian for instance , their is no unification between the EU countries, although a lot has been invested to unify, but it will take years if it ever will come to that.

Each country has their rules, so for every country I know I had to learn the rules from start again.

That makes a train driver so valuable, the more you know the more you're wanted.

It will take up 5 years of training and learning, to do the job that I do.

Just like the high speed trains you're interested in, the Traxx drives the same, except that they are build for freight purposes.

Although you'll find a few running passengers trains between Brussels and Amsterdam, due to the disaster oder and scandal of the Fira train.

The Traxx has about 7000 Hp and is a real working horse, designed for freight.

Normal speed with freight is around 100 Kmh, alone 140Kmh and passengers 160Kmh


The Traxx model is available in HO made by Pico.



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Hi Danny, many thanks for your info very interesting, how long are you shifts you drive, my friend he does most days 12 hour shifts and start funny hours and some time layover shifts where he will stay over night in the depot where he drives from, He mainly drives German made electric called 37 class on coal trains 100++ wagons long has two locos in the middle of the train.

That loco you drive is an awesome looking lock will have to put it on my loco wish list, has some grunt indeed 7,000 HP ouch , most of our mainline locos in Australia are rated at 4,500HP and the ones I have the most of called the NR class are rated 4,000 HP and top speed is only 115Kmh. I think our freight travel at speed of 90KMH and passenger depending the train up to 150Kmh, our XPT speed is 120Kmh, QLD's tilt train speed is 150Kmh and that is on narrow gauge.

I asked Bogan from Slovenia he sells Mehano trains has got the older Eurostar on his web site have asked him to take some pics on how the coaches are linked up together, he is who I bought my Thaly's TGV from.

My might be interested in chatting to you.

I have being busy working on the station modules, coming along nicely.

Tony from down under

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... most days 12 hour shifts and start funny hours and some time layover shifts where he will stay over night in the depot where he drives from, He mainly drives German made electric called 37 class on coal trains 100++ wagons long has two locos in the middle of the train....

Hi Tony,

I also start at all funny hours of the day.

We are allowed to make maximum shifts of 11 hours, but only 9 hours are effective driving.

Most of the times we sleep over in Germany and return next day.

Maximum length is about 700M, longer trains aren't possible here in Europe, due to that this is the general maximum length a station can take.

Maximum pulling on flat surface is about 2000 tons with one single locomotive.

Sometimes we drive in double traction, but than again 2 locomotive are the maximum and they must always be in front.

Of course than the maximum pulling weight is than 4000 tons.

Also the rail infrastructure is much more dense and busy here, so freight must be at high speed to avoid conflict with passenger rail.

I predict that in the near future freight will go even faster, the locomotives are already up to it.

Only the breaking system on the wagons aren't, but a new generation is on it's way

It's a dream of many companies here to go bigger but infrastructure is not adapted and to expensive to change.

Probably like In the US and canada, containers can be put up double hight in Australia, but than you almost got no bridges.

And if there are, only replacing a few is acceptable.



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aussietmrail wrote

my friend he does most days 12 hour shifts and start funny hours


Hi Danny, I realised I made a typing error in friend fixed it up, my friend does from 10 to 12 hour shifts.

I though you would have fairly long trains especially now the tunnel is open to rail traffic through the Swiss mountains have you being through it yet

The only corridor in Australia between Adelaide and Perth is where we have double stack container trains pretty well up with the length of the US container trains , 5 locos up front, can only dream to have a train that big on a home or club layout, I am working on it.

Have now got 25 flat container wagons most of them are 60 footers and 3 sets of 5 double stack container wagons, want to double that size, longer the better, just love long trains.

The corridor between Melbourne and Brisbane can't run double stack containers because of the height restrictions, bridges and tunnels, but those trains are very lon5 locos up front, will find them on you tube.

QLD is much the same as Germany in train length, only one loco needed , different with coal trains and they only have about 50 coal wagons and two locos.

Actually I have a DVD on a cab ride between Adelaide and Perth, I can do a copy, I you are interested let me know.

I wish I had my good digital SLR camera last Saturday at my train club was coming from the shop buying fish and chips fo lunch, yummo and this container train was sitting in the middle track, took it with my phone couldn't see the loco and some wagons was passed the bridge, the longest freight train I have seen so far. That line heard up to north QLD as far as Cairns and out to MT Isa.

Will take my good camera next time I go to the train club.

Tony from down under.

IMG_0687  a.jpg


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