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NRM 2-4-2 tank engine DCC decoder

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I just bought the Bachmann/NRM Exclusive 31-166NRM Lancashire and Yorkshire Tank.


The model is shipped and should arrive later this week.

According to the website it needs a 6 pin DCC decoder.

Now it being a Bachmann production, it seems that Bachman has two types of 6 pin decoders, horizontal and vertical ones.

Does anybody know which of the two, is the correct one?



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It was finely delivered this week, and what a beauty it is, see for your self.





I also found out what kind of 6 pin DCC decoder fit's this model.

Unfortunately the manual Bachman provided with this model, only mentioned a 6 pin decoder.

So, I rang up Bachmann help services and they where so friendly to give the information I was looking for.

For those who are interested the Bachmann 36-558A should be a perfect fit for this model.

I just ordered it, we'll see when it's arrived.



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