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Thanks to Mick who activates my account I'm now a member here.

My name is Thomas, I'm 40 years old and living in Germany in the city of Ludwigshafen (thats near Mannheim and not far away from Heidelberg and Frankfurt) on a lovely island in the Rhine.

It's the warmest and dryest part

of Germany.

And because I heard, saw and read many in the last years about 00 in the garden in the UK I'm sure that if that works with "english weather" it will work well in Palatine (Pfalz).

So I'm at start with the construction of a H0 layout in the garden.

Because I like High-Speed-Trains it will be free-lanced "on earth, advanced industrial country, presence".

Inside my home I've a room 2 x 10m for a storage yard (and later an indoor layout connected to this on top ).

The room has an tunnel through the walls of my home in the garden.

In the garden I plan to built two double track lines.

One as a electriefied and modernised line with origins from the 19. century, the other as a up-to-date HSL with slab track etc..

The HSL will have many bridges.

I will use DCC Digital with Roco Z21 and Smartphone via W-Lan.

For track I will use Code 83 material from Peco, Tillig, Walthers (also for Points) and Roco (only Flex).

I startet an experiment in 2012 and placed track of many producers for 3 years in the garden.The behavior of the said producers was convincing.

But I will also use selfmade points (mostly for the HSL with large radii and small branch angle) and thanks of having a 3-D-printer I will have slab track by using Peco Code 83 and Tillig Code 83 rails.

And naturally there will be a big central station.

Modern style and with all tracks and platforms under a big hall. Model for the concourse is Zaragoza-Delicias.

With building 00/H0 outdoor I'm very alone in Germany so I'm happy to found this forum and to participate on the gathered knowledge here.

Sincerely from my holidays in France


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Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the forum from Belgium.

I to am very isolated, if it comes garden railways.

Although I have huge collection in AC Bavarian Märklin/Trix epoche 1 rolling stock, my choice for the garden went out to British rolling stock.

I'm also at the planning stage.

Although I've been working analoge for almost 40 years, the DCC part is the most difficult part to work out.

As I want it to run almost full DCC, with fully automated parts.

I do hope you like it here on the forum as much as I do, and if you want to write me in German, feel free, as I know that language to. :D

Cheers (beifall ;) ),


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Hello Danny!

Yes the DCC is not new for me, but for a huge layout it is.

I want to use Lenz ABC for automatic block system and for "stop at signal".

Another headache is having decoders in all train.

I've exotic trains like Shinkansen from Tomix and KTM Katsumi, the last one has 3 powered cars....

....no idea how to fit it for DCC.

To use the car-lock-motor for points was recommended to me by guys who have a gauge II layout in her garden.

To be honest I don't understand how to made it work with DCC but I saw that here are experts who use it also and know how to do. :)



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Hi Thomas,

Yes, the Lenz system is really good, I saw it last spring when I went to the international model building fair at Dortmund.

Because I work with British rolling stock and track material, I also decided for the Hornby eLink.

Not really know in Germany, but the system comes down to a device that is commanded over the computer with a program called Railmaster.

But at the moment I'm in the UK and saw a very good system made by Gaugemaster, that is very popular over here , and this really caught my attention,so I haven't really disided yet :roll:

If possible I would like to use the two systems next to each other.

As for the decoder inplanting, one of my colleges told me last week that he always turns to somebody in Germany who does it on professional level.

I forgot where it was, but I believe somewhere in the neighborhood of Dortmund.

If you want I can get you the address?



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Hi Danny!

To give the decodering away (at least in difficult cases) was also my idea.

And Dortmund would be nice. I've a good friend there which I visit often, so I can combine visiting my friend with deliver the difficult rolling stock to the "DCC doctor".

The only guy doing that with Lenz Decoder I know at the moment is in Hamburg.

Dortmund is not so far away.

So the address is really welcome!

What I like with Lenz ABC is the easy way to make trains following the signals without the need to let a computer take controll over the layout.

And the component just for stop at signal is easy and cheap to selfmade with a few diodes. Also it is the only DCC - braking section which is easy to install and does not have a short-circuit problem .



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Nuvolari said:

Hi Thomas,

My friend who has the address of the DCC filter in Germany, is on a holiday at the moment.

So you have to wait for a few days, but don't worry, I promise you'll get it.



Hi Danny!

I'm also on holidays at the moment so no problem with that.

I dont think I will start to decodering the complicated trains and locos before winter so be relaxed.

And if you forgot it, I will ask you again. That's life. :lol:



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