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Hornby R3392TTS CLASS 40 164 BR

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I recently bought two Class 40's from Hornby, although they are DCC and sound equipped, the body I find very un-detailed looking.

If you compare it to a Bachmann version, it looks very poor, but than again it reflects in price of course.




But still with a bit DIY these models could be given a 10x better look than it comes out of the box.

And I don't want to have two with the same numbered locomotives running around on my track any way.

These are probably the first and last diesel engines I bought, as only steam intrest me.

I need them for a specific task , where I will come back to later.

As I'm not familiar with British diesels, I do hope a few of you could help me with a few questions I have about these.

The class 40 reminds me of the Belgian NMBS/SNCB type 51 when I started to learn driving.

Although it's only one Class, it stayed in service so long that all kind of changes where made, ending up with with not two locomotives look the same anymore.

Anyway, I found two version that I had in mind to detail them to.

The first version is almost like it comes out of box.

Here I will do some detailing and integrate red and white LED's


The second is almost the same but it has an extra white headlight and a lid up number shield.

And it's about this number shield I have a question about.

Is the number shield an identification of the trein it's running, or does it have an other meaning?


I will keep you up do date on the changes I will make.



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The original class 40's were built with out the headcode boxes having white flap style discs on the front to denote what train they were. Then they had a two number headcode box either side at the front. This was because they had a rarely used corridor conecting door either end. Again later ones had a four number headcode box, which as you say is the train discription number. When these numbers were done away with on the locos some classes just showed the two white dots, although they were not headlights as such. Over the years all loco's and units have had headlights as new or on overhaul. They are not there so much for the drivers to see but for the trains to be seen at distance for safety reasons.

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You'll find that this model is in the Hornby Railroad range...hence the price. They are actually re-modelled Lima products from a couple of decades ago.

Funnily enough, I was looking at this model last week and considering getting one (DC). Bit concerned about the wheelbase, possibly a little large for my railway. (Remember having problems with the old Mainline "Peak.")


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l got one 2nd hand (cheap!) it just said DCC fitted was amazed when sound came from it! Have an old lima one as well. As Rossi says its a matter of cost, quite happy with what l've got and none of the expensive detailing and twiddley bits fall of when l lift them of the track either.

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