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Restoring an old Hornby 0-6-0T class J83 LNER


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A few years ago somebody gave me an old Hornby 0-6-0T class J83 LNER.

Although it still runs perfect, the body had the marks of intensive playing.

Buffers where missing, parts broken of and the varnish layer severe damaged.




I first started to remove the broken parts and made new replacements out of brass.




Than the body was prepared for airbrushing and a acrylic-polyurethane primer from Vallejo was first applied.

Perhaps a small tip, the acrylic-polyurethane primer from Vallejo is a quick drying paint, but I still wait 24H before applying the next layer.

The experience I have is that the paint it better hardend out.


Finely acryl colors from Vallejo are applied.

It was fingers crossed for the restoration of the damaged varnish layer.

If the damage not would disappear, I had to redo also the green part an text.

Just before applying the varnish, I sprayed a thin layer of IPA alcohol to weaken the old varnish, to let the new varnish blend better in with the old.




As you can see, the varnish restored it self back again, the lettering did suffer, but it's still an old model and gives it's charm.

A DCC chip is build in and the model can stared a new life.

I hope that my topic was interesting for you, perhaps an inspiration to restore a few old models laying around.



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