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Hi guys,

I'm debating building a loco depot to feature at the 'disused' sidings I'm adding to my layout. I have quite a bit of ply knocking about and would like to utilise it.

Any ideas, links or experience of self-made buildings in these parts?


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On an indoor layout I'd say go for it and use anything you can scrounge as materials. But our outdoor railways require different materials. I visited a G scale garden railway site where some people were using concrete to cast structures. It all depends on the type of building you are trying to model.

i think the first step might be to get on google and search for images of railway depots. The kind of structure you desire will determine the type of modeling you end up with.

Is the real building made of brick, wood, or concrete?

Plastic models do ok outdoors so long as you paint them well. Wood models need painting both inside and out. Any kind of cast structure would require something more resilient than plaster. Plaster is too soft. I would suggest visiting a store and seeing what kinds of materials they have for casting things.

There are some newer materials that can be baked to hardness. You might be able to sculpt some walls and assemble the whole thing before baking it to hardness.

Most of us doing Garden Railways end up treading onto unknown territory, so there is no right way to do things. We just try doing things and sometimes they are complete failures. My railway station platforms are a good example of this, as the material I cast my platforms in does not seem to want to hold paint. Sure I have some nice looking platforms, but the paint has literally washed off of them in the rain. I am going to tear them out before long and try something else.

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