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Lima spares


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Bit of a long shot, but...

I've been clearing out a few boxes of old railway stuff and rejuvenated a couple of old Lima motors. The problem was when I searched for the appropriate chassis they were broken.



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Hi Rossi, yeah the same happened to me a loco a friend sent my for spares or a dummy loco the chassis had actually broken in the middle from either wile in the post or he dropped it and didn't tell my, luckily I was able to glue the chassis back together, he had the wrong weight which didn't help as too heavy.

The loco is a Lima a German 103 class electric, I managed to find a eBay seller in Italy that rebuilt the power bogies and bingo now the 103 electric is running well for a Lima, one loco I way after, can put 10 wheat hoppers and 5 coaches with ease.

I came across a eBay seller that that sells spare parts, not sure if this loco shell and chassis will help you out, didn't see the broken is a Deltic.



He has about 40 pages, Tony from down under

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Well, managed to turn my hand to Ebay bidding.

Now got both parts. One at reasonable price, the other a little over the odds.

Then of course, fell for some other stuff that caught my eye.

Might have to treat Mrs Rossi to something! :shock:

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