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Leicester City


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It's funny. I know some of the guys here are not football fans, so I avoid saying anything. I live in a non football country and LOVE IT! I meet with my father every weds for late lunch; just as the night games are starting over on your side of the ocean. We've been doing football lunch at pubs for years now.

Leicester is an amazing phenomenon. At the same time, they do have an Italian coach. :o:o:o Sorry, I have a spot for Serie A and my favorite teams Udinese, AC Milan, and Juventus. :D oh, and did I mention most of my trains are Italian Federal railways. :lol::lol::lol:

Ranieri is no slouch. He has managed some of the best teams out there. And I like his attitude a lot. He says something like - We don't need any super stars on our team, we just need people with the right attitude. And he is encouraging his lads to stay with him through next season.

As for his players, those guys were second raters. Or even, complete losers according the the teams that sold them to Leicester CIty. The entire line up cost the salary of one super star player, or damn near close to it. It has been fun watching the LOSERS take down all the prima donnas of football. I hope they do well in Champions league next year. They don't even have to win it, all they have to do is show up and earn respect. :mrgreen:

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Even as an active Crystal Palace fan, I will tip my hat to Leicester City and all they have achieved this season - its just a shame our early season form couldnt be maintained and we stay up there with them :lol:

Just bought my FA cup final tickets - :o - very little left to spend on the garden from this months pay packet......

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I'm reluctant to class footballers as being 'overpaid' as that's a personal opinion. Yes they get paid very good money, or at least some of them do but there are other occupations that provide me with far less enjoyment (and at times no enjoyment whatsoever) where the 'players' are on receipt of far too much money for what they contribute. I suppose in football, if the players weren't receiving it then the fat cats at the top would get that share too.

With Leicester City, although their players too will be earning a wage that we ourselves could only dream of, here's a story of those other 'overpaid' (in my opinion) footballers, teams and club owners, getting their cum-uppance. Anyone see the Manchester City v Real Madrid Champions League semi-final the other night? Compare that lacklustre City performance with all their very 'overpaid' (in my opinion again) players to the passion that every single Leicester City player has displayed all season long. Those Man City fans deserve a massive apology.

I hope the win doesn't change them, that they continue to play the way they have done so far and that the English Premier League continues to be charmed by them and those like them. It's good for the entire game.

And I'm one who cancelled my Sky Sports subscription because I believe it's over-priced! :lol: Those damn footballers aren't getting any of my money.

Oh and Iain - good luck on the day. Chance for another big club to get their cum-uppance.

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There is also the ever present bad call in football. I am still recovering from the bad call that likely caused Juventus to lose to Beyern in the Champions league. If that hadn't happened, the game would not have gone to penalties. I always see shoot outs as the equivalent of rolling dice to see who wins a big game.

Oh, and the fat cats at FIFA really ruin things too. Not sure if anyone read the news about the last world cup and game rigging. It's really shameless.

But back to Liecester. How the hell do you guys get Lester from Lie-(Che)-ster. Where the hell does the ce go to? It's three syllables. Why don't you say it? It's yet another of those British conundrums for us Yanks.


I am not one of those football fans who has to see every game. I tend to watch the standings and scoresheets. I'll watch maybe one or two games per week. Since weds is the day for lunch with dad, we just watch whatever happens to be on the screen that day. So often I find myself cheering whatever team happens to be losing. It's always fun to see a losing team comeback and win after all. This season with Liecester has been really fun to track in the stats, even if I did not see every game. It was all a huge comeback game.

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Haven't you heard of "i before except after c?" That's why it's spelled Leicester. I know that Bicester also gives you problems because it's BISTER. :D

Well done to Leicester as they were fighting relegation this time last year. £55 milion squad cost and Man City spent £52 million on one player. More to the point, up here we have the conundrum of will Newcastle or Sunderland or Norwich go down. Middlesboro could get promoted to find their neighbours gone.

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From where I live, although I have no interest in football, I'd like Norwich to stay up, however it's somewhat unlikely.

Round here they delight in confusing the non natives

Norwich is pronounced Naorrich ( approximately)

Costessey is pronounced Cossy.

Wymondham is Windham

Tacolneston is Tackleston

Neatishead is Neatstead.

Hoveton is Hov-e-ton

And Happisburgh is pronounced Haysborough!!!!

Of course in the USA, a combination of Noah Webster and the US post office destroyed a lot of names and pronoucations. For instance almost all, forms of burgh, borough, burg, brough were replaced by the US post office with Boro.

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