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garden lego train


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Oh yes - I had the old style lego train that had white sleepers and blue rails - it was fantastic. Had two locos, one was made from a lego motor and the other was a black steam loco and tender set that stopped and started in response to a black lego whistle - it was brilliant and must have annoyed everyone else in the family. The sleepers and rails were brilliant for making large structures like bridges, jodrell bank telescopes and loads of other things. Sold it all and wish I hadn't.

But I do still have my Big Big Train set (made by Tri-ang and then Novo and others) - A "Blue-Flyer" Hymec in O guage and a Ruston 0-4-0 diesel shunter all operating on red plasic clip together track. I have over the past 3 or 4 years been buying more of it over the internet to get more track and spares to keep the locos going. I run it in the garden and it goes great.


The above website could be better but gives you some idea of what it is all about.

Perhaps we need a Big Big Train section on the forum.

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The pond tunnel is awesome. Gonna have to show that to a lot of people. :D


I had the same setup. I actually still have all my childhood legos in two plastic tubs. i had the blue loco and train car set. I even had a pair of points, crossing gates, and semaphores.

I thought I had a lot of legos when I was a kid. But I see kids these days and they have ridiculous quantities of toys.

You should post some pictures of your old O scale trains. Despite this being branded the OOgarden forum, trains are trains, and we do love seeing piccies of trains.

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Thats roughly what mine looked like. I was given a motor set in blue like the one in your photo, it came with road wheels and rail wheels. I bought loads of lego rail track including points and cross overs and could build quite a large layout - but nothing like as big or as good as the modern lego railways featured in the youtube videos - especially the one that goes around the house then in the garden.

...and then there is the underwater tunnel too:


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