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DCC break model and blok system

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I recently bought a Hornby DCC system.

This is all new territory for me, I was used to work with analoge Märklin AC system.

But for my garden railway most material that will run will be Hornby related material.

So to me it seems sensible then to stick as much as possible to Hornby material.

Only for the track it self I choose mainly Peco (flexi rail).

But I also will use some Hornby and Mehano rails that I already have in stock.

The layout I plan to make will be about 40m long starched L shaped oval with two loops integrated and a 8 track station with coal depot for steam engines.

I also already have given it a name, it will be "The St-George line" :D

To make the two loops, I got two Hornby reverse loop modules.

I also got a Hornby power booster that hopefully will be enough, to feed together with the main controller, the hole line.

What do do guys think, will this be enough power supply?

The Idea I have of running the hole line will be based like a real line is setup.

The activity in the station will be controlled by me.

But as soon as a train leaves the station it needs to be controlled by an automated blok system.

In order to let that function breaking modules that react on signal points that in their turn react to occupied sections and closed points.

This is what I want it to be going to.

It seems to me that such an automated blok section run is not something where Hornby gives a fitting answer on.

So one is forced to look out for an other brand, that is compatibel with the Hornby system and rolling stock decoders.

So here is where I hope your experiences will come to help to me.

-What brand of breaking module do you advice?

-What module for blok sectioning do you advice?

But keep in mind that all needs to be working with the Hornby DCC material.

I don't want to build in special decoders into my rolling stock.

Your advice will be very welcome in my planning. ;)



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Hi Danny

There are one or two members here who have similar plans to yourself so hopefully you'll be able to exchange ideas when they drop by. I'm afraid that my own interests don't go so far as automated block system workings and as you may have read elsewhere, I'm not a big believer in sophisticated electronics outdoors. That's not to say that they don't or wouldn't work only that I prefer to keep things as simple and uncomplicated as possible. I have only a couple of DCC accessory modules and two 'frog juicer's' located in housings alongside my track and they are a constant concern to me with regards to their exposure to the elements. That's as far as I dare go.

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