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Thermalite Block Viaduct

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Please be aware that I am in no way trying to pass this off as my own idea or design!! All credit for this design must go to Mick!! I'm not trying to tread on Micks toes or anything and will remove this if Mick or anyone else is offended I just thought a few pics might see a few more people adopting this idea. So here goes:


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:lol::lol::lol: Thanks Nige mate!! :lol::lol: As it happens I was planning on a model of Ribble head! ! I may get an apprentice to do all the cuts though!! :lol::lol::lol: On a serious note though that's not the definitive guide. I'm open to comments, criticism, etc, etc. I'm sure someone will have an easier, quicker or even better method. That's just what works for me. :D:D:D

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No, Mick doesn't mind.

Certainly no offence taken on my part Mark and I'm delighted you've published details of how you constructed your own viaduct. I'm pleased that someone else can see the merits of using these lightweight building blocks and believes they are worth using. They most definitely beat casting in concrete which was originally how I was going to proceed. I also found it somewhat amusing that you feel all those offcuts and the dustpan of 'dust' can be used somewhere else on the layout - I just slung it all in the dustbin! :D Looking forward to seeing what use you put them to. :)

As for criticism I don't have any. Is there a better way? There's probably lots of different ways to make use of these blocks and you've given details here of one way that works for you. It's sure to lead to others having a go in the future because as we know, every layout needs a viaduct (along with a windmill I should add).

I take my hat off to you because when I first saw the finished article I never realised what it was. Yes, of course I knew it was a blooming viaduct, but I didn't initially realise what you'd made it from. When I read further it made me smile so good on you.

Now I'm thinking of a model of Glenfinnan viaduct so how to make a concrete viaduct.....?

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