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Summer Hampton Railway

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Another enjoyable video Iain along with some impressive new stock. Have there been any new additions on the OO gauge side or are you leaning a little more towards the larger scale?

I've been so disappointed with some of my recent purchases that I'm reluctant to keep on splashing out on products that fail to meet expectations. I used to be more of a 'collector' than a modeller but now I can't see any justification in continually hoarding models and I actually find myself saying "I don't need it" whereas before I just had to have it whatever the region or era it represented. Maybe that's got something to do with having a layout that's now more or less operational making it easier to decide whether something fits in. I now find myself with a number of previous purchases that don't fit in with either of my layouts so I need to make an effort to dispose of them.

I can't see me adding an O gauge line outdoors, though never say never I should say, but I'm hanging on to my O gauge models for now as I would like to be able to do something with them at some point even if it's only a small stabling point or depot scene. Maybe in the years to come when my eyesight deteriorates even more I'll be glad I kept hold of them!

Your layout combines the two scales extremely well and you hardly notice the other gauge alongside when either is running.


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Over the weekend I managed to get to the local garden centre and nursery, parting with much cash, to fill up some of the blank canvas of the garden. Just a couple of little creepers are required to fi

And so, onto the OO. All worked fine, except for a couple of old Hornby PGA wagons, which seem to have developed problems with axleboxes and wheelsets. Anyway, here is a short video of what I ran

Just for you Mick, the mgr's come out to play, along with the sleeper set.  

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I braved the sub zero temperatures outside today and gave my O gauge locos a run out - don't panic! Next time, it will be the OO locos (but there are a lot more of them!) Ive done a bit of work on some of my stock and wanted to see it in action. Ive got a little bit more work to do to my 117 dmu, so, that will have to wait a week or 2. With lots of my pre-orders either just landed or about to, there is likely to be more than just locos getting a run out.


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Brilliant Iain, very enjoyable and extremely realistic though much warmer sitting here in front of the monitor I would think. There should be a special 'award' for members going that extra mile but sadly you'll have to make do with a 'like' on your previous post! All the same, I think I'll leave it a while longer before I venture outside - I haven't even braved the attic for a few weeks.


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I have finally finished my Class 117 dmu, fitting passengers, driver and fiddly pipework.


And, having ordered and paid for in May 2018, my IZA twin Cargowaggon has arrived from KMRC. Some very restrained weathering has been carried out. Just noticed the wonky buffer 🙁


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The driver figure and bufferbeam detailing makes a huge difference to the front view of the DMU and I'm sure the added passengers do likewise with the sideways viewpoint. In comparison the actual cost of these improvements is a mere fraction of what the model itself costs and yet as you've remarked already, it's just such a fiddly process and quite often the interiors are so difficult to access without, particularly in my case, causing some degree of damage.

The Cargowaggon twin looks very nice - you've done extremely well to restrain yourself with that one!

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