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Sadly no trains run this weekend but work has progressed slightly. I've now finally got round to soldering up all of the rail bonds that I've been putting off, and added in a few droppers while I was at it. This now (in theory) should bring the inner line back into use, sorts out the few dead spots and makes the layout DCC ready. Once tested we'll know for certain....20180513_145908.thumb.jpg.e4af9d17fd86a48e83dc30d05646ba6f.jpg


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Hi Shaun, that is a good size 13 meters, 12 feet off my layout length,  yeah with bigger layouts you should have bus wires to save that issue with power drop outs, doing a good job of the wiring nice and neat, I need to  buy more wire running out, would like to buy a 100 meter roll, ouch $95 each two different colours, I like to pair my wires off easier to search if any issues.

Winter is here to cold at the moment to head out side a month or so was too hot, 25 degrees today sun is in under the pergola now.

Tony from cool down under.



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