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I have had this "scrap" loco on the layout for a few years but always felt there was something missing, I felt it needed to more "animated" so I decided to have a play around with it.

The first thing I decided to do was "refit" the engine so the body work had to come apart. I very carefully started to dis-mantle the various body panels and then the whole thing just fell to bits :o:shock: bugger! :lol: Oh well start again. First I refitted the cab and the remains of the front part of the engine compartment body shell then the engine and generator were fitted into place. As the engine and generator were not designed to actually be fitted into the body shell both the chassis and the engine had to be modified to fit together.Then the front of the body shell was fitted back into place but first quite a lot of the roof section was removed, all the bits were saved to be used later around the loco as scrap bits that have been cut off. (or fallen off in my case! :lol: ) I knew I had the old crane in a draw somewhere, but I also knew that it was a cheap and nasty looking thing, but I thought it would do the job once painted up and after all it wasn't going to run any more. I found some figures and painted them as well. I also have a Chevy 4x4 for the scene, I could do with a truck of some sort. There will be more detritus and equipment laying around when the actual scene is completed but I set up the scene in the pictures on my work bench to give you some idea what it will look like later on when it is installed on the layout. :) (The building you can see in the picture will not be in the scene on the layout it's only there at the moment because it looks better than my work bench!)










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Oh, the old Life Like crane car. I had two as a kid. Destroyed one and had to buy another. I still have mine in pieces awaiting some TLC.

Originally they had stabilizer feet on those stirrups on the ends of the car. They were purely decorative, but added some more mass to the overall look of the things.

Nice to see you using one. They are one of my favorite models.


I was so excited seeing your crane I actually ignored the thrashed S2, or whatever one that is. It looks really good too. But that crane! :lol::lol::lol: Love the crane.

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