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Removing a ddc on a none running 0-6-0 hornby engine

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My engines and layouts are all DC

I brought a second hand engine a 0-6-0 hornby r2425 st Rollox - it was perfect and it began to slow down and then stopped, never to run again.

Original thinking it was the dirty outdoor tracks I didn't worry, but cleaning didn't help.

4 clear photos - http://imgur.com/a/YfrJU

The engine always lagged making shunting control difficult using DC controllers

The engine ran in the reverse direction to other engines.

Does this look correctly wired?

Is it easy to remove the chip and wire it for DC?

Is there anywhere I should be able to poke the engine with power cables to get it to turn?

I've tried poking the wheels, nothing turns. I've tried the pick ups and nothing turns.

4 clear photos - http://imgur.com/a/YfrJU

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if you don't want the chip

cut off chip

connect up

red to orange

grey to black

to test motor touch the ( + and - )

of the controller wire to each side of the motor

were the brushes are if it runs ok, then try the connection

at the 2 wires that enter the top of motor.

then if ok try the test on the wheel connecters if all working ok

then the wheels if no power loss

should be ok to run

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Thank you this is perfect.

The motor did not work when power was connected to the black/red wires (before the chip)

The motor worked when power was connected to the orange/grey wires (after the chip).

and so if no one object's I'l try the cut off chip, connect up red to orange and grey to black this evening.

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- repaired. Thank you.

still runs in reverse compared to all my other engines, guess I would have to swap the cable over?

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roddy said:

Just swap the feed wires over, otherwise it's Rolloxed. ;)


This was my first time soldering on an engine, so I was a little nervous.

Also its an ugly job I have done, so I better put the cover back asap on but hey it works.

That's pretty much all the rolling stock repaired for next years running.

I believe the original problem was that the red cable worked its way loose from the chip. As when I went to remove the cables that one broke away when I was cutting the others.

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