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Model Railways On A Budget

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please added any ideas for budget ideas from any aspect of railways

Loco sound on a budget

these are easy to fit and cost around £40 battery operated

compared the the sfx sound chips around £80+

from train-tech also found at most good model shops

SFX10 Steam Sound Capsule -

SFX20 Diesel Sound Capsule -

available SFX Sound capsules each supplied with battery, sound tube and fitting guide


Steam Express locomotive - incl chuffs, steam, fireman coaling, whistles


Steam Freight locomotive - as SFX10 but slower heavy goods or shunting


Diesel locomotive - including turbo whine, air, horn etc with coasting


Diesel locomotive - as SFX20 but continuous after speed up - no coasting


Electric power locomotive - including motor whine, horn, etc


Diesel Multiple unit - including changes, door slams, horn


Electric Multiple unit - including motor whine, door slams, horn


Goods shunting for freight - including couplings, wheel squeels, buffers


Passenger coaches - including couplings, doors, wheel squeel

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Hi Mart,

Got a couple of those Train_Tech modules a few months back and yes they do the job. I thought they were a little too quiet at first but now think any louder & we'd upset the neighbours! On reflection it probably is scale sound.

Put this video on some other page...

Surprising how quickly the batteries run out though. (Think it's a couple of hours). You forget how time flies when having fun. :lol::lol::lol:

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yes time does fly m8

i thinking of having a play with the sound device removing the battery all together and powering from the coach or tender it sits in just need to get the correct resistor for the voltage, Then ill will have a play, but have much more other jobs on first.

By the way m8 is your railway all outdoors or it covered by any thing nice layout

as for the sfx sound not loud put gags on them birds :lol:

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yeah...the budgies. Funny, we never hear them because it's pretty constant.Seemed like a good idea at the time after the canaries.

Still, we flog the babies to the local pet shop & the funds go to the railway...or in truth a meal out-LOL.

What you see of the railway is all of it. Nowhere near as big as some on here. Main station area has a roof over it (bottom of terrace). Part of the day shaded, which helps. Plus side: track cleaning takes 5 minutes.

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