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Great news Kris. Getting something running is important as it gives you chance to 'play' while taking the rest of the build at a more sedate pace. That first running session is always a notable achievement and worth recording. Looking forward to seeing more videos in the future.

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traingeekboy said:

Wow, very nice! Is that blue rapier? (Pardon my limited knowledge about Brit trains. ;))

I really like that train, nice to see one running on a layout.

Yes, it's a Hornby Blue Rapier (Railroad version). It was quite easy to convert to DCC and runs really well. Next step for this train is directional lights.

Here are a couple more videos




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Just gone back after the winter, and pleased to announce that the glazing seal silicone has held rock solid so that's a tip for anyone wanting to fix track to concrete!

I know it's stuck solid, because I had to pull a load up... The loop at the far end is round a large shrub and near a huge tree, so the moisture in the soil fluctuates wildly - it's either a swamp or a desert. As a result the concrete and brick structure has developed large cracks so I got rid of it. I have replaced it with the same method as the rest of the railway, fence posts and gravel boards! They don't move, are pre-reinforced and look nice.

I shall take some more photos and upload as as update soon if anyone's interested

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