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Native Australian Birds 3


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Here's our Lyre Bird a great imitator and not just of bird sounds either. It's all done in the name of love. The better his repertoire the better his chances of luring a female. In this concert we hear the whip bird, kookaburra and other birds plus, a chainsaw, car alarm, camera shutter, motor driven camera.


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hmmm… maybe I need to work on my repertoire and add some car alarm sounds in order to "woo" sara more effectively.

Woooooo…. beeep … beeep… Protected by Viper!

I was just down in Florida and they had some amazing birds down there. The pelican looks sort of awkward and silly, until you see them flying. They have a huge wing span like 10 feet. And I also heard some birds down there that seemed to be imitating car alarms.

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