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Having steadfastly avoided DCC sound, I've finally cracked. Hornby Railroad Class 37 in Network Rail Yellow with DCC Fitted was too tempting at £75. The TTS sound was a bonus.

It's a nice model, but does need some weathering, so much so I've bought some powders. The sound is impressive in an effective way but not spectacular.

Just in the shops is a TTS 47/4. I wasn't that interested, the Large Logo Blue doesn't look good on the Lima tooling, but within a day or two I'd ordered one. It's the fact that it's an ex Lima model that has won me over. My plan is to swap the body from one of my Northern Belle locos to create a cheap sound upgrade to that train. The Large Logo 47 will work with my charter stock, tailing a steam loco.

I've given it a very brief run out and the sound is good. The horn sounds spot on. It's also pleasingly different from the 37.

TTS is a total bargain and in the garden where the old tooling is less noticeable it's great fun. I will have to look into adding stay alive just for those occasions where my track is not sparkling clean.

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