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On 23rd July 2014, Dave Jones (formerly of Dapol) announced DJ Models future plans in 00 gauge :-

Raven Q6 0-8-0 steam locomotive RRP IRO £135.00,

Hudswell Clarke 24t Industrial 0-6-0ST RRP IRO £109.95,

Class 59 Diesel locomotive RRP IRO £139.95

Class 71 Electro Locomotive RRP IRO £139.95

DJ Models' website is at http://djmodels.co.uk/ and further details of the plans can be seen at http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/233-djmodels/

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Finally..... a bit of cheer from somewhere. I really do like the look of the Q6.

Some exciting plans from DJM both already announced and now proposed so it will be interesting to get a closer look once some models start hitting the shops.

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