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My class 40 and yes she does whistle. This loco is a real heavy weight. The speaker is located in the fuel tank. This is another loco with altered mid and high range CV's to get the thrash at a lower speed. I may eventually trade-up to the newer class 40. Unlike many modellers who keep hold of their models for sentimental reasons, I like to trade-up to newer models if the newer model is a significant improvement over what I have. I have some things in the house that's I'll keep for sentimental value but railway models aren't among them.

It's often struck me as odd for people willingly spend thousands on a cars and then not giving a second thought spend thousands more on a newer model of car. But to get rid of an old railway model loco and buy a newer one is to be regarded as being a heathen. Excuses such as 'my wife bought it for me for Christmas', so what know doubt you get socks and undies as presents and do you keep them forever.

OO Locos 006.JPG

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