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OO Gauge Radio Control

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After the successful conversion of my Hornby West Country 'Torrington' I have now installed the new Deltang Rx60 receiver/esc in a Hornby Clan Line Pacific loco (or rather tender) and thought I would share this.


I wanted to make the installation relatively Plug and play so have installed a 4 pin socket for power and motor connection, made from SIL turned pin miniature sockets (Turned Pin sockets ) and have made the plugs from the same pins removed from the plastic casing, soldered and shrink tubed to the wires.


Rx60 - Rx61 and Turned pin SIL socket strip.


SIL pins soldered to wires which were connected to the tender wheels power pickups.

The tender pickups originally transfered track power to the loco via a live connecting pin - This now transfers power from the Rx60 to the loco


9668503870_54e4d6e882.jpg9668 ... d6e882.jpg

The completed installation .... The plug and pin configuration makes for quite a neat installation :cool:


The batteries are Li-Ion 3.7v protected cells - They have a small circular protection circuit board which limits charge voltage and cuts power when low voltage limit is reached. I have yet to fully test these by charge cycling but the protection PCB can be removed if necessary ... This conversion was my second, so only took about 1 hour .... Will update after testing

Thanks .. Andy

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Although R?C is not a line that I would follow, it fascinates me, and it's nice to see what you are doing. I have a soft spot for the old Golden Arrow too. She used to pass the back of my house when I was a kid. Southern Region so would probably have been a Battle of Britain (Merchant Navy class) Spam can loco. ?????

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I think that is where I got my interest in steam railways Roddy - I lived in Clapham and like you, the Golden Arrow was one of the many trains that passed the bottom of the garden. I would like to re-create that with full length trains so the garden seems the logical place to have the space to do this and with RC I would not have to worry about wiring the track, apart from points operation.

Having investigated the conversion of several locos and EMUs, it is clear that tender locos (non tender drive) are easy to convert as there is space for the LiPo, Li-Ion or LiFe batteries but smaller tank locos are much more difficult.

If you want to keep the 12v motor you either have to use a voltage booster with a 3.7v 1s or single cell battery or find room for a multi cell pack.

Alternatively, replace the 12v motor with a 3-6v item.

So this will limit the choice of locos but as I intend to primarily run long trains, I can live with this .. - until battery technology allows .. :)

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