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Jim's Garden Railway

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So just like Network Rail the garden railway is closed for the bank holiday for najor works.

The loop at the far end of the line has been rebuilt after the tree fellers knocked it over, now l removed the track and placed it so it would go back as before, the new base boards, are the sane shape and size as the ones they replace, does it all fitt back together, does it hell!!.

So several hours and a temper tantrum later its finished. Just need to to compleat the loop back into the shed where the ants ate the plywood base (they seem to love the glue) and l should be back in business.

In the last couple if weeks l've been round the layout closeing up gaps that have appeared at track joints, just putting stuff away and noticed that a section that l closed up has reopened again in three places. May have to resort to soldering them up if this keeps happening. Any suggestions?

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Wow Cockatoos making a foothold in the US must of escapped from his cage an managed to find a mate , they sure an do some damage, seen pics of them destoriing  barn roof notsure where culd be the US going by the shape of the barn roof.

Ants can be real pain especially the lttle back ones, we had to replace a landline phone must of liked the circuit board .

Tony from down underkeeping on movinf ahead.

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A happy New Year to you all, shows how long its been since l've been here! 

So not a lot happening in the garden, has been far to cold this winter and every time l go to do something it snow lately. But a sunny day today has tempted me out to assess  the winter damage. The windy weather has finally done for the fence behind the shed and l have decided to abandon that bit of the line, it's geting a bit tight for a rotund gent like my self to fit down there so l've salvaged the track and boards and the plan is to have a loop in front of the shed instead.

Inside the shed it's a mess. So first off l need a clearout to make some space. The station baseboard has developed  a bit of a bend in it and needs to be screwed down as it appears l forgot to do that when l rebuilt the frame work it sits on !!

The long run down the side of the garden will be mothballed  this year probabilly, to concentrate on the shed circuit which l hope will mean that provided l am prepared to brave the winter cold l can operate  a short layout without problems throught the year.

The experiment with radio controlled battery power still sits expensively  in its box taunting me to wreck a loco with my soldering and electical skills......

So all in all a busy summer lies ahead l hope.

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HI Jimbob, happy new year 2018 as well Jim, good to see back, you sure did have a bad winter, I don't know what is worse our hot summers to your winter,s, our winter's are no whereas bad as yours ,  but we could be having a colder winter the way the weather people are saying, that be great  southern QLD close to the NSW border in the mountains gets cold, Warwick one of the towns . Warwick does get snow, hoping to go for a visit when the conditions are right, stay over night or the weekend, never seen snow, want to touch it.

Don't forget to send pics of your layout, yeah I have cut back as well on mine, station complex not as large now, decided to work on what I have, concentrating on the main line.

I would love just to power one loco with batter power, those pancake motors , like the Lima and Hornby , the loco  is a Bachmann old  DD40 loco  with  one of those power bogies, is what I want to change to become a track cleaner , the middle wagon being the crack cleaner .

Tony from wet down under keeping on moving a head


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