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So, Garden railway, eh? Great when the weather is good, but when its bad, you just feel a little bit down in the dumps, because you cant go and have a play. Now, I never really like N Gauge before, but I recently got a good deal on the Graham Farish Deltic starter set, and purchased two additional Mk1 blood and custards. It stayed in the box for an age, and today, I set it up and its fascinating!

Now, ideally, I would liked to have planned an OO layout for indoors, but we dont really have the space. What used to be the garage is now the movie room, and other than that I have my office.... Mrs Doublecee says the rest of the house is off limits bar some servicing that I may do on the kitchen table.

But, I do have quite a large space between the Projector and the screen, when looking at the ceiling, and that got me to thinking about a pulley system that would lower an 8x10 N gauge layout.

So, thats is a possible plan for 2013. I reckon if I get the pulley and base board sorted, the rest can just star falling into place for the remainder of the winter and then of course the tail end of next year too...

Ive not done a garden Run since Oct 10th and its killing me...

I probably wouldnt have anything too elaborate, but I would love to replicate one of my all time favourite hornby catalogue layouts. 1980! That layout was just awesome to behold. I think in Ngauge it would be a real thing of beauty.


Do it! Dont do it! keen to hear


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I'm totally with you Craig on not previously liking N, but with my layout that landed in my lap I have now been converted! I love the idea of replicating that 00 layout in N, it does look rather familiar. I found a few old Hornby track plan books at my parents recently, sure that's in there.

I have both the inner and outer tracks running now on my N layout but will add some detail in that thread.

So, go for it! Don't neglect the garden though, assuming it ever stops raining! :)

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