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CMX track cleaner


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Thought I'd just throw in my ha'penny worth re the CMX. I found a major problem with this excellent product in as much as finding suitable motive power to shift the thing. Easy on a level, but my layout is anything BUT level - the indoors bit runs on a continuous falling gradient to ground level as it exits the place, so I have not been able to use the CMX as I hoped because of lack of loco's with the necessary 'grunt'. First, I bought a very ancient Hornby 'Deltic' - had the grunt, but it was too high to get through the outdoors tunnels ! Then I bought a Bachmann class 40 - had big problems with this as it was not man enough plus it's leading sets of wheels kept de railing :x and so I finally bought two class 20's on good advice now hey presto ! I can get that cleaning tanker anywhere with the 20's in tandem. Anyway, after paying a good price (almost £100 !) for the CMX, I decided I couldn't 'live' with 'American' look of the thing, so I modified it with buffers, solebars, ladders, a footway grid on top and re paint in good old black ! I added a little bit of signage (more to do yet) just to give it a PW departmental look.

See the pic of it on my Flikcr page (my username is 84A ) Take a look and do let me know what you think. I would have uploaded the pic on here, but even after heavy cropping, it was still too 'big' ! :roll: Oh well !

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Yes, nice work with the CMX - really looks the part now.

With regards resizing photos, I don't know a lot about Flickr as I don't have an account there but if you've got an account then that might also be a good way of resizing images for use elsewhere. The photo of your CMX is available on Flickr for download in several different sizes and I assume that's done automatically for you when you upload an image?

Here's the 800 width version from Flickr:


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