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Inertia/Brake control

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Years ago I had a Gaugemaster controller with a separate 'Inertia' simulating control - I have to say, compared with the standard controller mode the trains moved so much smoother and more realistically. Apparently, this function can be easily incorporated in my proposed Radio Control system but I just wondered how many modellers use this feature in DC and DCC .... :?:

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I use it in DCC on my garden railway (and when I have the space the garden trains will become indoor trains too)

Inertia/momentum is just a matter of tweaking some CV's (CV3 is starting momentum, CV4 is stopping momentum). By default these are factory set to 0, meaning as soon as the starting voltage for the motor is reached it will begin to turn. Setting CV3&4 to a value higher than 0 will introduce inertia/momentum.

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