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the Dorking Garden Railway


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London Transport steam

The DGR is rather suffering from rot in the decking which operators have to stand on, such that SWMBO has forbidden visitors until restoration work is implemented.  Separately some track maintenance is needed, so the following photos are just posed and sadly don't show a real operating session.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s after the end of BR steam, it was still possible to see steam workings in the London area as LT Pannier tanks used to work spoil trains out along the Metropolitan Line to Croxley Tip near Watford.  Robert and I sometimes used to go and see them, so with my new Oxford 'Pilchard' wagons and his Bachmann L97 we decided to do a re-enactment of those scenes from long ago.

Here is the morning's Down working, heading out into rural Hertfordshire...










Then at Croxley there's a bit of shunting to get things the right way round...



Before setting off back Up the line with the empties for Neasden:










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Garden maintenance, especially on a garden railway, is a never ending task as we've all discovered at some point but it's all part of the enjoyment of owning a layout outdoors. It can be frustrating but I always look upon it as part of the challenge and it's usually something that can be carried out gradually over a period of time. There's lots of work required on my own layout but it doesn't stop the trains running and it can be attended to between running sessions. I never tire of doing it funnily enough.

You've done extremely well to get this far with so few problems. Unlike an indoor layout we don't need perfection and can often get away with a bit of packing under some sleepers to keep things moving or a few nails hammered in somewhere. Temporary measures never look out of place on an outdoor railway and in my opinion they often add to the scene whereas on an indoor layout they would be deemed unsightly to say the least. Just attend to things as and when you can and you'll soon be back up and running. In the meantime, as you've already shown, you can always create interesting photographs.

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