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the Dorking Garden Railway

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Thomas and the snow

Annie and Clarabel were delighted to see the snow, but Thomas wasn't so sure.  "I don't think we'll be able to get out of the carriage sidings" he said.




Even when they turned round to face the other way, the enormous depth of snow defeated them:




"If we try to move from here, we'll just get stuck!" said Thomas.




Annie and Clarabel were very sad.  "Isn't there anything you can do, Thomas?" they said.

So Thomas jumped everyone across to another track, but still the snow was too deep to risk.




"It's no good" said Thomas.  "There's too much snow today.  We'll just have to stay at home."  So he blew hot steam into Annie and Clarabel's pipes to keep them warm and cheer them up.




The Fat Controller told Thomas that the whole line was completely snowed-in, and even the girder bridge was impassable.  But as he said, things like that don't happen very often in Dorking, so we hope the trains will be running again soon.



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Thomas and the snow Annie and Clarabel were delighted to see the snow, but Thomas wasn't so sure.  "I don't think we'll be able to get out of the carriage sidings" he said.    

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Spring Greens

After a month of cold and then wet, our weather hasn't been great until very recently.  So I needed to seize the moment in today's sunshine and decided it felt like a day for running Southern Region branch line trains, using the N Class and the BR Standard 2-6-4 tank.  Here are some of my many photos.




































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It's so good to see members able to return to their garden layouts. Most days should be sunny like that.

Smashing photos Andrew - those Southern greens always look well in front of your bamboo. Keep the photos coming!

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