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Happy anniversary to all at the DGR!

I'd never actually thought about your exclusively steam offerings before but yes, come to think of it it does seem strange with a relatively modern diesel on the layout although I must admit that it looks rather splendid against the greens of the bamboo - and it's nicely weathered.

The Intermodals are a bit fiddly to put together but it's always a welcome sight to see a container train so it's all worth the effort involved. They're not so easy to store off the layout as most other wagons.

Every time I respond to someone I'm reminded of another weathering job I have to attend to and as you mention, the pristine wagons and containers would benefit from a little dirt. Must have a go with mine one day.

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Thomas and the snow Annie and Clarabel were delighted to see the snow, but Thomas wasn't so sure.  "I don't think we'll be able to get out of the carriage sidings" he said.    

First trains of the year About time too, I hear some say.  Well, up till now the weather hasn't been great this year, and there's always real life which conspires to get in the way of running tra

Thank you for that Andrew. It gives me a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to see some of our 'pioneering' layouts continuing after all this time and it's good to see how our layouts have develo

Posted Images

DGR does globalisation: first run of the intermodal train


Class 66 waiting for work




Bringing home a train of containers - literally all the way from China


















Then it was time to form up another rake at Northdown container terminal:



Before heading off again











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Autumnal Interlude

Having waited a while for some decent weather, I decided to go for a running session today despite it being overcast, in order to get some autumn leaves photos.  Polishing up the track seemed to take a bit longer than normal, as it hadn't been used for such a long time.

The new Class 66 was keen to have another stretch of her legs, and there was a new intermodal wagon to add to the rake.  I hope the pictures convey that autumn feeling (and yes, it was a bit cold).

A video may be along later.



























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Isle of Man Railway 1967 & '68

This week I used some of my old colour slides for a Zoom presentation to the Dorking branch of the Locomotive Club of Great Britain, so I thought it might be worth slipping a few in here too.


Douglas station, with "Hutchinson" and "Maitland"




"Maitland" arrives at Douglas with a train from Peel




"Hutchinson" approaching St Johns with a train from Douglas




"G.H. Wood" crossing Glen Mooar viaduct with a train for Ramsey




"Hutchinson" at Ballavolley Halt (for the Wildlife Park)




"Mona" arrives at Peel



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2 hours ago, Andrew said:

Remembering what it's all about

Fun in the summer sunshine:

and a very Happy Christmas to all our visitors and contributors to this site!

Well we are past the winter solstice, so officially on the way back towards getting back in our gardens. Though if the weather allows I'll do some block laying over Christmas.

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On 21/12/2020 at 22:11, Andrew said:

Remembering what it's all about

Fun in the summer sunshine:.....

It already seems a very distant memory Andrew.

Thank you once again for the recently received 2021 Calendar - I have a growing collection of them now as a permanent reminder of the DGR.

So yes, looking forward to next year and hoping for some nice weather to allow us back outdoors.

Have a great Christmas and a safe New Year.

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Merry Christmas Andrew, wow that is an awesome  pic indeed with the  snow on the track ,amazing the trains are running , just love that pic  make a great Christmas card pic .

I got an early Christmas present finely own a Bachman class 66 GBRF logo 66725, can't wait to run it, hope to have my station modules set up in a few days .

Happy new yew , Tony

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New Video

Tony has just mentioned a Class 66 in GBRF livery, and I hope his project runs smoothly for a Happy New Year! 

By fortunate coincidence, a very similar loco appears in this new video.  It's my favourite Christmas present, and comes from Josh Barker who has just put together some excellent material from his visit to the DGR in August 2018 featuring British steam and modern image and German modern image trains.




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Hi Andrew Happy new year , many thanks and the video clips were very good., here is a pic of my GBRF 66725 Sunderland , I haven't run it yet , seen a video clip of here running on the test track , very nice loco indeed .

Keep the good pics flowing , Tony from down under






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