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the Dorking Garden Railway


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Hi Thomas, thanks for putting me straight, I was looking at earlier class that was longer between the carriage door and drivers cab, it had four sets of seats, fingers crossed I can will the lotto tonight be awesome site with a 18 car long E230 Eurostar in the new colours be stunning indeed and very expensive train, both locos will have to be powered, can only dream.

Tony from down under. :oops:

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Hi Andrew love the latest lot of pics and the video clip pure awesome indeed, like the video of the gray loco on your curved viaduct, I only have one German lock and it is a tank loco by Piko got to be so careful with those detail parts, broke one of the fake running gear shaft, have to glue it back on.

The GB103 red electric sure stands out I wanted to buy one on eBay but ended up buying another Austrains NR class diesel Indian Pacific colour scheme the latest colour scheme.

I have just one GB 103 electric loco in standard colours, a friend gave me one he stuffed up by dropping it chassis was broken when I finely got it glued the chassis back together and found a bloke in Italy that rebuilt the power bogies. With the rebuild the loco runs very well can pull 10 wheat hoppers and five of the save coaches with ease nt bad for a Lima loco and runs quiet as well, I have other Lima locos that are very noisy.

Keep the pics and video flowing love them.

Tony from down under.

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We had more interesting visitors yesterday. First onto the track to enjoy the sunshine was Wrexham and Shropshire Railway Class 67 "A Shropshire Lad" (although without the special liveried Mark 3 coaches we were a bit stuck for anything plausible for him to haul):


Then we shifted to London Transport's Metropolitan Line and electric loco "John Hampden" which seemed to manage very well on a train of commuter stock despite the absence of conductor rails:


Showing off the re-bogied Hornby Dublo "teak" coaches masquerading as Met stock:


Here JH is clattering past a London Transport works train:


And here he is again heading into town with a trainload of commuters from the Chilterns:


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Part of the reason I've done very little with my own garden layout since the early part of this year was the fact that I had become totally disheartened by the rising prices, shoddy products and poor customer service I had experienced at various levels of the hobby - most of which I've had a moan about over various forum posts. I even cancelled my long-standing Bachmann Collectors Club membership and personally informed them of my reasons for doing so. I don't expect it troubled then too much but one drawback of my cancelled Club membership is that I miss out on a 2017 calendar - or at least so I thought.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail yesterday and discovered this: -


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The calendar, Mick, is really to mark my gratitude - also on behalf of all the users of this forum - for your years of consistent effort in managing this website which so many of us contributors appreciate, not to mention no doubt a large number of visitors who just enjoy looking at all the exciting railways we can see here. So thank you very much for your work which so many of us benefit from. A Happy New Year to you - and to all our visitors!

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There are a couple of new DGR videos just completed.

The first is a tribute to Metropolitan Bo-Bo electrics (well, one of them anyway):


The second captures some of the visiting engines that have called in at Dorking over the last couple of years:

Pacific old photo.gif

I hope you will enjoy them!

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Another very frosty morning with bright sunshine, so I decided to try a running session.  First I had to clear the frost crystals off the track:




Then I tentatively ran a train:





Then I noticed that the Bentley belonging to Ivo Peters had also turned up...



So we chased the train, and caught up with it at Sycamore Curve...


Edited by Andrew
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