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the Dorking Garden Railway


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Hi Andrew, awesome video clip, have to agree what Rossi is saying, how big is your layout, I like the way you have the back track cut into the slope of your yard, look so real.

All goes well depending on the first cyclone for the season, has just been upgraded as a cyclone tonight, hitting the coast down from Rockhampton when my mate lives will send him a text to see if he is ready and a big test for the new state Labor government, took 13 days to count all the votes, very close ALP 45 seats to LNP 42, 2 independents. Hitting the coast at a category 2 cyclone, we will be coping it as well, they say 300mm of rain in a day, some areas worse.

I have an appointment at a hospital for a MRI scan and hope to get over to my train club which isn't far from the hospital in Brisbane Tuesday, after a good video of my duel tender drive Flying Scot pulling 11 coaches, will depend on the cyclone if it is still raining that day and roads still cut.

like the long passenger trains, is the motor in the boiler of that steamy.

Keep the good video clips coming and pics as well, be a while before my first train is running is running around my layout can't wait for the big day, my Indian Pacific will be the first train 17 passenger cars plus one car carrier and two NR class locos.

Happy modelling Tony from Down Under.

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And another outing for the overworked Standard Class 4 loco, this time in the guise of a Scottish Highlands train in the early 1950s, to show off my growing collection of Gresley teak coaches in blood & custard livery. Here are some photos, pending a video in the works.

First, attacking Foxdale Bank


Running on past the 'off' distant signal


Two photos of the train running past whatever is the Scottish equivalent of Throstlebeck Sidings, somewhere en route to Fort William perhaps



Sometimes you're waiting with the video camera poised on the other side of the layout and there's a crash followed by an eerie silence. In this case, the wind blew the bamboo, the bamboo knocked over the signal, and we had a disaster. Despite the apparent carnage, no harm was done.


I'm impressed by the detail on this Gresley buffet car by Hornby, with some vents open


Less visually impressive in close-up is the soldering quality on my latest iteration of rail joint bonding. My earliest bonds were too thick and inflexible, the second generation were too thin and snapped or corroded, so now I'm trying multistrand wire which is flexible but should still carry a decent current - and hopefully be more durable. Hoping they'll look better once they're painted...


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Hi Andrew, nice pics, you are not alone with the issue of single cable wire braking with the cold weather you get over there, even have the problems here as well with cold weather, all my wires are mutable strands, 7 strands for the thinner stuff and more stands for like bus wirings.

I have issues with the soldering iron getting too hot, even though I have a good soldering iron Weller solved that problem have a small sponge that is wet, stick the soldering iron tip onto the sponge and that cools it down, I can adjust the heat in mine , you have to know what you are doing.

You were talking about a anniversary up the top of the page, it is coming to being in the forum for12 months at the end of July and when I started the construction of the indoor outdoor layout, to celebrate I am aiming to run the first test train out of the station and onto the bridge on the other end o of the layout, most of the track ply bed is down and the lead modules to the station is levelled , a video of the big event.

Will be calling tenders for track gangs to start nailing the track down on the big curves car port end and track leading into the station platforms and onto the bridge running along the back of the house. :P

Keep the pics and video flowing, how big is your layout.

Happy modelling from down under Tony.

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Thanks for those comments, Tony. The circuit is 68 feet in length, so just longer than a cricket pitch.

Today saw more superb spring weather, and I spent some time watching trains with my camera to hand on Foxdale Bank. It was a Southern Region day, and the first train was an N Class with ten coaches:




Then I was lucky enough to see a King Arthur Class:




All in all, a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. There should be a video along later...

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Hi Andrew, no worries be looking forward to seeing the new video, have you run any of your Aussie trains.

The base timber the track is on what have you got it sitting on, looks like treated timber.

My layout is about 56ft in length and about 30ft stage one, will be adding about 20th give and take and that section will have another 19ft road and rail bridge side by side, modelled on an Aussie bridge.

We are having pleasant Autumn weather as well, today was 32 degrees in the sun hope to do some more work on my layout this weekend so I can start laying the double track pushing to run the first test train on the last weekend in April, don't think that will happen will try as is the 23rd of April 2014 I joined the forum and started wok on the outdoor layout give and take a few days.


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Unfortunately this has become a disused railway!


Glad you enjoyed the previous photos, Ian. I must hack back the weeds and get some trains running once there is a bit of time in between other summer commitments. One of those 'distractions' has been compiling a video from some of my backlog of shots: watch this space!

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My latest video is now ready, and is called "A North Country Retrospective". In a attempt to overcome a bit of a backlog of material, it's come out a trifle on the long side. At 10 minutes it is probably only for hardcore train watchers (especially as it mostly features the same old motive power)!

Here's the link, and I hope people enjoy it:


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Hi Andrew, awesome video, good choice of music back ground as well, what did the music come from, that house at the bottom of the bridge to good as well, you must have a good conditions for those plants to grow fast like that, does the ivy flower.

Going to my train club on Tuesday to run my newest train, Mehano Thaly's TGV 6 piece set for its madden run video to follow and four more middle coaches on its way from Europe, woodturning project in July layout on the back burner.

Keep the pics and videos flowing,

Happy modelling from down under, Tony.

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Glad you enjoyed the video, Tony. Background music is rights-free downloads from jamendo.com, and the ivy doesn't ever seem to flower - which is useful as its appearance is pretty similar all year round. Look forward to seeing a picture of your Thalys set running.

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A recent visit by David B. saw two guest engines appearing and our first chocolate-and-cream express.

Here, the visiting Q1 hauls a Southern Region freight train along Bamboo Curtain Straight not far from Exeter.


Meanwhile, not far away, King John was heading a westbound passenger train but the crew were battling with mechanical trouble...


The result of which was that the Q1 was co-opted to pilot the King and train on towards the final destination:


After that drama, the Q1 resumed normal duties, although its next passenger working involved being piloted in turn by an N Class to save a train path on a busy day...


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Metropolitan Railway Bo-Bo electric number 5 "John Hampden" paid a visit to the DGR yesterday along with some London Transport goods rolling stock, courtesy of friend Robert (who lacks a garden railway, poor chap). This new loco from Heljan performed very well, and we amused ourselves with memories of growing up in Metroland back in the 1950s and '60s.

Here the loco passes Northwood Hills, heading a service train to Chiltern Court, a curious arrangement that was used to supply coal to the mansion block of flats built over the station at Baker Street from a train consisting of a couple of open wagons. In case you're curious, the conductor rail is on the far side of the track, away from the camera!


Although "John Hampden" is a fine model, there are no suitable coaches available. The closest approximation to the short-wheelbase Met loco-hauled coaches seemed to be these!:


I knew those old tinplate LNER teak coaches would come in useful one day. This photo shows a morning commuter train running up to Baker Street:


...passing on its way some London Transport goods vehicles used for service trains on the Underground system:


The Met tracks into Baker Street ran alongside the ex-Great Central tracks to Marylebone, so sometimes one could get photos combining LT and main line trains such as this down working from Marylebone to Buckinghamshire or the Midlands.


Now I need to complete my project to refit those Hornby Dublo coaches with Bachmann bogies and insulated wheels so they can be run properly.

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Aren't we blessed with new models just lately? It seems every other week there's something new coming out and I'm pleased to see Heljan playing a bigger role. The LNER tinplate coaches are worthy of a run out too and they look entirely at home on an outdoor railway. I particularly enjoy your scene setting - its good to have the story behind the operations.

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Hi Andrew , nice looking loco for its age, a couple of questions, I am going to change all the bogie couplers on those your model railway coaches to body mounted couplers, will be those NEM kadee couplers, what type should I get, no.5 be too close and the other three Hornby, brake van dinning car and parcels van.

I haven't got any big hobby shops clos to me that can help me.

This week some time I plan to fit a permanent draw bar to the two powered tenders on my Flying Scot, will look much better and where can I get that rubber stuff that goes between the tenders and coaches., the Flying Scot can pull 11 cars up a 2 percent grade with no problems.

Keep the good pics flowing, Tony from down under

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Another visit today from David H who lives nearby. He has an indoor railway, so decided some of his favourite locos needed a breath of fresh air and Surrey sunshine.

The first photos show some Southern superpower in action, namely a Lord Nelson piloting a King Arthur on a heavy train, first seen on Bamboo Curtain Straight and then crossing Foxdale Bank. The 'Nelson is 30861 Lord Anson and the 'Arthur is 30800 Sir Meleaus de Lile.




Then things became more diverse as we moved to the Basel/Mulhouse area. First a couple of shots of a DB 003 Class Pacific hauling some period Rheingold coaching stock. Perhaps it's one of those upmarket dining excursions:



And finally, for the diesel fraternity, here's a DB Class 215 in relatively recent livery hauling an international train of Swiss coaches across the river into the Federal Republic:


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