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CIWL Orientation

Moving on from the Hornby Thomas (R9287), we now come to models by Liliput and Pocher which arrived as a gift from Philip when I went to last Saturday's ever-excellent O Gauge American and Continental Exhibition at Winchester. 

Here are a few photos probably taken at the Landy carriage sidings outside Paris in the interwar years.  The Wagons Lits rolling stock is being serviced before being attached to various international expresses to run across Europe as through coaches, or indeed as complete trains  in various versions of the Orient Express.

First, a couple of dining cars.  The photo was taken around the time the varnished teak was giving way to the later blue livery.



Here's a sleeping car in teak.  All ready for intrigue!



Diner and sleeper, both in teak:



This end shot of a dining car shows the space-saving storage lockers provided each side of the corridor connection:


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'Tis still just about the season, so a very Happy Christmas to all our readers!

Here's a suitable photo, of Jubilee "Hong Kong" with its parcels train heralding the delights of Christmas:


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Winter Sunshine

Seeing today's bright weather, the Fat Controller suggested Thomas should show off his new brake pipes and front coupling by posing for some photos with recently-arrived Annie and Clarabel.  Even the troublesome trucks were happy to join in the fun.

























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