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Hi Mark

We have only just got back from our honeymoon - 11 days in sunny Boa Vista (Cape Verde). A lovely, barren place.

I love travelling but flying has to be the worst form. Being a large person, the seats are really uncomfortable. I also find it incredibly boring, not being able to relax and get comfortable enough to sleep and not being a technical geek, I dont have the whizz to download loads of movies or programmes to watch. I was very happy to get back into the drivers seat of my X-Trail, to drive home from Gatwick, last night¬†ūüėä

So, there has been little time for train running, but hopefully, I will be running soon.

Im glad to see you had some retail therapy in Chester - somewhere Jo and I are planning a long weekend for - we like the tv prog "The secret life of the zoo" which is filmed at Chester. Hopefully I will be able to get to the model centre too.


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I have been to the cape Verde islands by ship, never by air. Must be about a 5 hour flight from London?? We use it as a stop over when crossing the Atlantic from  Europe to south america and vice verca. 

I get used to airline travel. Its a means to an end. I have to fly every 10 weeks either too or from New Zealand to where ever the ship is. Normally takes me 2 days. But its my life. I have gold cards for all the alliances which sounds glamorous but they all mean my backside has been welded to an aircraft seat for more hours than I care to imagine. Saving airpoints as the air New Zealand shop has a dremel 4000 in it. Not got enough points just yet for it.

The chester shop is really good. The top floor is model railways only. Ground floor is RC and other stuff.

Just bought a class 50 off ebay. Ark Royal.  First time I have done that so took a chance. Its at a friends in Liverpool ready to post home when i get back in july. Just need to get a rake of coaches to go with it. My railway will feature locos and stock that remind me of my own life. When I lived in Shaftesbury and our kids were young we would take the train to london to the museums from Gillingham dorset behind a class 50 . So I had to get one. This was in the BR days before network SE. Any idea what the rolling stock make up would have been? Think it was about 7 coaches but cant remember. 

Well I hope married life treats you well. Again congrats to Jo and you.





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Hi Iain, same as well, gee that would of being a long flight  over 6 hours, your would of flown over the Canary Islands where Rossi  live, haven't heard of him for a while now., put a search where the islands are , wow nice place to visit did you see the castle and there is a ship wreak as well   close to the beach, didn't say what island.

Keep the lady interested in the hobby my wife isn't at all, there is a museum close by and is part of a branch line want to go there for a visit, will con her, every third Sunday, there is a couple of new suburban railway lines opened a good day out.

Congrats again to you and Jo.

Winter isn't far away now very cold morning, can't sit outside to have the fist morning coffee, no sun till 9am.

Tony from down under.



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Mark & Tony

Many thanks chaps. Luckily :lol: Jo likes spending time with me, so is quite happy to come along for a day out, whichever of my many interests its to do with!

Tony - yes, we did see the wreck of the Cabo Santa Maria - we did a quad bike safari out there - a short video / slideshow is on my YouTube channel. There is little of it left now and its disappearing quickly.


In the early 1980's there were still a few Mk1 coaches on the Exeter to Waterloo route, as well as the Mk2, which feature in my representation of one of these trains - take a look in the rolling stock section on here - the photos should still be there. Normal formation, as I recall, was load 8 or 9, with 5 or 6 x TSO's, a TSOT (a TSO with miniature buffet counter / trolley point) and 2 x BFK providing the first class accommodation and brake van space - these were normally back to back in the centre of the train. Lima do the Mk2b & c coaches at the cheaper end of the market or Bachmann do some Mk2a (but at the higher end of the market). All of my coaches are Bachmann models, with the TSOT being a cut and shut of a few Bachmann TSO's - not done by me I hasten to add :$ - , as Bachmann don't produce these later Mk2b & c's.    

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Hi Iain, had a look on your you tube channel, saw you and your wife on those bikes, will have to do a search what the name of the wreak was called that is is for sure something different going in an old fire engine to your weeding, my dad could of driven one of those, looks like some research need on the history of Brisbane fire engines.


How close am I, sent you the QLD Fire Museum link, what my dad would of driven  drove in the late 50's 

Tony from down under 


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