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Conisbrough Weather Station

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20 hours ago, chris said:

....The ground in York is rock hard.

It's the same here Chris, or at least it was up to yesterday. We've had some light rain since but nothing too much just yet.

You mention that April showers no longer fall in April and as I mentioned earlier, I always assumed April would be a wet month but the following list shows the ten driest months I've recorded since January 2012 and strangely half of them have occurred in April.


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Another month passes by and with it comes more records from the Conisbrough weather station.

Despite the showers at the very end of the month, April 2020 has been the driest April we have recorded since 2012, the monthly total of 10.4mm also becoming our second ever driest month during that time. Rainfall was recorded on only 6 days during the month which is also the lowest number of days with precipitation during any April month.


But it's not just the lack of rainfall that's been making records, April 2020 has also been the warmest month since 2012 with an average daily temperature of 11.3C


Surprisingly, with so little rain and above average temperatures, the number of hours of sunshine recorded was only the second highest April total with 188.8hrs, slightly behind the figure recorded in April 2015 when we enjoyed 199.2hrs. We can't win them all!


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It's that time of the month again and May 2020, along with Spring 2020 has certainly provided plenty of interesting, and welcomed, statistics.

Firstly there's the months with the least amount of rainfall and May 2020 joins February 2012 in joint first place, both months having seen just 6.8mm of rainfall.


Here's a chart comparing May's rainfall totals since 2012 - very nice!


You'll notice from the driest months table that April 2020 features in third place and with March 2020 just outside the top 10 listed driest months it has resulted in an exceptionally dry Spring 2020 when compared to previous years.



It's also been our warmest May month with an average temperature of 14.4C but surprisingly only our second sunniest with 194.2 hrs of sunshine, still some distance behind May 2018 when we enjoyed 223.8 hours.

It's been our warmest Spring with an average daily temperature of 11.0C and also our sunniest with 523.5hrs of sunshine, the first time we've surpassed 500 hours during the Spring season and only the second time ever - the other occasion being Summer 2018 when we basked in  537.6hrs of sunshine.

There's little wonder everyone's been cracking on with their garden layouts this Spring!

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So the warm settled weather has come to an end for now but statistically that's not a great surprise because since I began keeping records of our local weather in December 2011, June has tended to be a disappointing month. That's borne out by my records for rainfall and sunshine - though you must remember that these figures apply locally to the Conisbrough area and may not reflect the conditions in your local area.

The charts below include the current data for 2020.




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Hi  Mick, wow what you find on the forum, my weather station is similar to your program, the  idiot next door complained  my weather station was in her seeing space, I had to take it down,  will  be back with a new stand like the  garden windmill 24inches at the base be 6 foot tall  so I can move it out the way when mowing the grass.

It's cheaper for me to make the stand rather than buy a 6 foot high windmill .

Tony from down under




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October has been a disappointing month for outdoor modellers and whilst temperatures were only slightly below our October average it's been a dull, damp, and miserable old month.

The October rainfall total of 63mm was down on the previous year but slightly above the October average of 52.3mm 


However, it's the sunshine hours that tell the bigger story with a very disappointing 49.9 hours of recorded sunshine - well below our October average of 88.0 hours.



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November 2020 was a very dry month, especially when you consider the amount of rainfall recorded during the same month the previous year which resulted in major flooding for many areas.


Unfortunately it also coincided with a below average amount of sunshine, becoming the second lowest total recorded over the past 9 years.


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We recorded our first snowfall of the year on 4th December 2020 and the daily high of 3.9°C was also the lowest maximum temperature recorded since 1st January which shows just how mild the last winter period had been.

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That's another year over and 2020 tops the table as the warmest year in our relatively short records book - 0.4°C warmer than any previous year we have recorded since January 2012.

While 2020 may have been the warmest year we have ever recorded it has only just avoided landing at the bottom of the table with the amount of sunshine we have experienced - the total sunshine hours of 1,311 edging above the 1,310hrs recorded during 2017.

The rainfall total of 632mm during 2020 was slightly above our annual average of 605mm.

December 2020 was our second wettest December month.....


...and the least sunny December on our records


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It's been an unusually cold start to 2021 as seen by the following chart which compares the average daily temperatures recorded by my weather station up to and including January 9th for each year since 2012.


It's forecast to become less cold from today.

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We're only just into the month of February and Conisbrough is currently under a blanket of snow once again so it's time to update our records from last month.

January 2021 proved to be our coldest January on record with average daily temperatures coming in at just 3.6°C.


January 2021 also became our wettest January on record - no surprise there I wouldn't imagine - with 93.8mm of rain/snowfall, almost double our January average


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Meteorologically speaking, today is officially the first day of SPRING and yes, it seems to have been long time coming.

After an extremely chilly start to the month, the average temperature for February slowly recovered lost ground to end the month slightly above its monthly average of 5.3


Winter 2020/2021 became our wettest winter period on record with 241.4mm of recorded precipitation.


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