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My cobbled together layout

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Hi Griff and Roddy, wow, that is a very nice pic of the water ,I could sail my model boat in that water very calm water, would get rough with strong wind.

Nice build Griff, are you planning to have a coach and have a mixed freight train , will you be repainting the loco  and what colour.

It is pouring rain here at long last rain through to next week and back to hot weather again Friday.


Tony from down under



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Well, two things. The Gilpin tramway was built up around a valley. The slow geared locos would take longer to get to some places than you could walk it yourself. I have always liked Narrow gauge trains, but to do it "The right Way" costs money. So all of this is just a fantasy train. I am trying to keep things somewhat simple and fun for now.

Scratch building also takes time. I will try not to think much beyond my next build with the Gilpin caboose. Well, ok... What I will need then is a small string of Gilpin ore cars.

And... The Gilpin never had a box car, but I would like a box car.

Here, go to this link of thumb nails, then when you click one there is a zoom bar and you can drag around the images. You can even zoom in and see people's faces. 

http://digital.denverlibrary.org/cdm/search/searchterm/gilpin tramway/order/nosort

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