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Heljan / Hattons Beyer Garratt 2-6-0 0-6-2

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Wow, details of yet another remarkable model in an e-mail received last Thursday from Hattons.

"Hatton’s are pleased to announce our next specially commissioned project - the Beyer Garratt. Working with Heljan we will be producing 12 variations of the LMS Garratts in OO Gauge, due for delivery in time for Christmas 2012. The price for pre-order is £199.

The Beyer Garratt 2-6-0+0-6-2s, which ran between 1930 and 1958, will be available available in LMS and BR liveries with a choice of pristine, lightly weathered and heavily weathered finishes. All models will include an 8-pin DCC socket and have two motors for the articulated driving wheels. We’re also looking into the possibility of incorporating working lights which operate in the direction of travel.

This project follows our previous collaborations with Heljan, the Class 14 Teddy Bears and Class 28 Co-Bo’s. Our early LMS Beyer Garratts, running numbers 4970 and 4978, will feature standard bunkers and pony wheel brakes, with the 10 later models featuring revolving bunkers and no pony wheel brakes."

Has there ever been a better time to be an OO gauge modeller? Let's hope that Heljan make a terrific job of this one.

Just as an aside, I wonder which model loco will be the first standard non-sound locomotive to break the £200 barrier?

Details of the models and liveries due to be made available can be found on the Hattons website

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I think this is Heljan's first foray into steam outline in OO and I hope it is a good loco,(it would want to be for 200 quid) If I buy one it would have to be fitted with sound which would be interesting as I doubt there is any recordings of the real locos. I would have one with a revolving bunker. I wonder if a revolving bunker could be a DCC function.


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