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Kirkfield & Warmthorpe Railway

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On 5/22/2016 at 4:36 AM, mick said:


"I'm sure one day we'll discover the perfect solution to the ballast problem. I think it's as much to do with the adhesive as it is with the base you are applying it to. I'm not so sure that roofing felt is a suitable base - the slightest movement is enough to crack the ballast layer. In fact I'm sure that if I were to start again I'd look for other alternatives to a layer of roofing felt."

I am leaning toward waterproof PVA or wood glue. I think Mick is onto something by mentioning that things crack and then it's ruined. Something flexible is needed.

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Here's a couple of recent additions to Kirkfield MPD. The Duchess was purchased second hand as LMS 6230 Duchess of Buccleuch. I renumbered, renamed and changed the LMS lettering to a BR emblem, added

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PVA sets really hard, as do most wood glues. It's one of the strange things people lay cork on the ply to reduce noise on indoor layouts and then they use PVA glue which sets rock hard, defeating the object.

For in the shed I'm planning to use latex glues, for outdoors I'm thinking possibly, silicon sealant a thin layer with the ballast and track pushed in.

There is a possibility of polyurethane glues, but it's known to foam if conditions aren't right.


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I may just do a light ballast, painting the decking gray, have seen some modellers  use sand paper, I may go that way, with my layout being a module out door layout moving the modules and curved section ballast wont last,, rather put the money into track and points, just bought a second hand  Aussie diesel loco I missed out in buying when it was out , will double head with my Indian Pacific train

Tony from down under.



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