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Hello ( again ) from Rotherham

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Hi again guys. It’s been about 6 or 7 years since I was last here. ( Baimor ). Looks like you’ve all been IMMENSELY busy with your railways and they do look absolutely amazing. 
Im about to embark on my second railway after my first one was badly vandalised which made me lose faith and enthusiasm for it. However I’m (slowly) starting to gather track, etc, ( as funds allow) to enable me to begin a new railway after security measures have been stepped up dramatically.           Anyway, hi again to everyone and I’ll be uploading some pics as/when I’ve something to share.       Mark

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Hi Baimor, welcome back to the Garden Railway site. I am so sorry you have had to put up with vandalism. I could not imagine the amount of pain and loss I would feel after all your hard work and most of all expense. I am a newbie on this site and still awaiting a period of dry weather to lift the covers on my layout.

All best wishes to you for your new layout, and look forward to see the layout rise from the ashes

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Thanks Kenbrunt. Lovely to see people are still as friendly as ever. It’s going to be slow going but my aim is to be finished completely by the end of summer. Regards. Mark

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Hi Mark, welcome back, I wasn't here when you were here before but as Ken said, sorry to hear you had trouble.

I've had a little trouble with vandalism myself, but that is just blackbirds nesting in the Camilia and going about their business. Mick has had his stone parapets destroyed by pigeons too, I suppose they come in all sizes. Anyway, I hope you can rebuild and nobody attacks it.
I try to be careful not to give anything away online that reveals my exact location.

Good luck.

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Hi Clay Mills Junction. Thanks for the warm welcome back and the kind words. 
Your railway is amazing mate and one of my ‘go to’ channels for inspiration so many thanks for that. 
My ‘new’ railway is going on the other side of the garden now making it much more difficult to see and I have a 6 camera cctv set up installed as well as wiring my shed to the house alarm. 
Life is full of spiteful people ( and animals ), that do their best to ruin things for others that’s just life I suppose! 
As I’m now retired I have more time at home now to enjoy the railway and lessons/mistakes made and learned can, hopefully, be avoided this time. 
As I said I’m still gathering track and other materials but will upload some pictures when I have begun building. 
Regards. Mark

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