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Driver shortage and work to rule.

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I took the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow last night.

Normally, the E-G services are made up of 7 or 8 car (2 sets of) Scotrail class 385s. At the moment they are just 4-cars and crammed at peak times. Standing all of the way.

I can't see the connection between a driver shortage or work to rule and the trains being short formed. But maybe someone with better knowledge of the workings can throw some light?

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Unfortunately I can't answer your question with any definite answer but I would suggest it would be one of the following reasons.

a). Scotrail trying to claw back some of the money they will be losing by running shorter trains. I seem to recall they were considering doing this anyway? The shorter trains also have the advantage to Scotrail of pitting the passengers against the drivers.

b). Something in the rules that says that the connecting or disconnecting of units is not part of their daily duties and as such should be made as an additional payment or similar, so something that drivers can't indulge in when working to rule.

Total guesses, somebody must know for sure?...

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