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N Gauge Class 73 For Sale

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Hope this is allowed and in the right section? If not please delete or move.

Just over a week ago I bought a Gaugemaster / Dapol N gauge class 73 on a bit of a whim as I was a bit frustrated at not having a railway to run and build properly. Anyway... It arrived and the whim has gone, with my eyesight today I have no idea how anyone models in N gauge! LOL

The loco is 73128 in the civil engineers yellow and grey colour scheme and it comes with a pack containing etched nameplates (I mean how do you even fit them, and what would be the scale size of the glue?), plus additional couplings (I think). I haven't run it but the ebayer who sold it to me says it runs well. It appears to be mint. I'm happy to accept what I paid for it, which was £65 plus postage, if anyone is interested. I believe that is a good price.


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