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Pinkie's GR


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Having been okayed by my better half, this is the site where my GR is allowed to be located:






Rough dimensions are 12 x 4 metres


Current thinking is to use decking board for the permanent way, 'paint' with 'cold' bitumen and then a grey coloured roofing felt. Would like to be double tracks, so an up & down line. 


Will raise a bit off ground level with 2x2s in 'Metposts'. 


Would like to get at least one track supported on viaduct/girder bridge across one of the ponds.


My plan is to eventually have a shed where the trampoline is for permanent siting of controllers & rolling stock.


The paths around the ponds aren't in permanent use, so shouldn't need any removable sections. 


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Further questions:


From previous railways I've been used to "thinking" in Hornby track numbers, but everything on this forum, and that I've read, indicates Peco Streamline 100 is better to use.  Are Peco points and crossovers "equivalent" in curvature to Hornby points ?


Website/online resource to plan the layout with - suggestions/recommendations would be most welcome.

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I've used Anyrail for track planning. The free version has a maximum of 50 pieces of track so you might only be able to do small bits. There are cheats or you can buy the full version. Other track planning software is available.

Peco setrack is the same as Hornby geometry but Peco Streamline is a step up in realism and running. Streamline geometry is based on a line separation of 51mm and turnouts of 12°. It's intended for when you run easier radii curves than Hornby or Setrack.

That all said, there is nothing wrong with running Setrack in the garden. I guess most people do it so they can have longer runs with easier curves but there are no rules.

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