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In the early stages of planning a new outdoor 00 gauge railway, looking any for advice on using point motors outdoor



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Hi Rob

I've had most success with the 'central locking' type motor and one I installed several years ago is still operating as reliably as ever. It needs protecting from the weather as any others would but they do seem more rugged than anything designed specifically for indoor model railway use. I tend these days to limit use of point motors to indoor locations using the traditional SEEP types inside my shed along with a peco side mounted motor right where the outdoor line enters the shed but is under cover.

The drawback with the central locking type is their size as they are a fair bit larger than a SEEP or Peco motor and you will probably need to construct linkages from motor to tiebar but if you are determined to have points outside then they are something you might want to consider.

I've also gone down the route of having 'sprung' points in locations where the direction of travel allows it to be possible, such as my passing loop, hence there's no need for any type of motor at all. This involves some modifications to the points themselves (something you might not wish to do) as well as ensuring all your rolling stock, essentially your wagons, are of sufficient weight to push the point tiebar over without the wagon riding up onto the point and derailing. It was a process of trial and error but I'm pleased with the way it turned out and with very little maintenance they work perfectly reliably. Some of my wagons that had no easy access to the interior needed holes drilling through the base and up into the wagon itself, before adding a little bit of dry sand to weight them down before sealing the hole, again something you might not be keen to replicate with the price of present day models being as they are.

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