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Worsley Dale & Skew Bridge stock for sale


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I'm not sure exactly where to place this just yet so for now I'm going to post here in the Buffet section until I decide later.

It's mainly just a heads up that I've once again set myself the task of thinning down my overly large collection of models. Now I've settled on the types of layout I want, i.e Scottish outdoors in the garden and Yorkshire Coalfields up in the attic, I find I've got a load of stock that just doesn't have a place anymore. In addition, the fact that I've amassed so many items over the years means there's very little chance of them getting any track time in the foreseeable future so I think it's better that I let them go to someone who might make better use of them either on a layout or perhaps even on display.

I've found it a bit overwhelming recently having so many models and in a way it's been holding me back from getting on with the things that really matter. I'm short of storage space! It's not just needing somewhere to put the models but even when you make things easier by storing them in trays for easy access you then need space for all the empty boxes meaning you really need twice the amount of room you did previously. So a fair number have left me already and there's a good number still to go so from now on. At least I've made some headway so I'll post new listings here too in case anyone is interested.

I'm currently listing on eBid and have a 'store' set up (TooManyTrains) with a number of items already 'on the shelves'.


Ebid is pretty quiet with only occasional visitors so it takes time for your listings to get noticed but I've been a member for several years now and there's a maximum of 2% selling fees so it's okay if you're not in a hurry to sell.

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I've just added a selection of 9 Hornby matchboard side Pullman coaches to my eBid store. These were a mix of new and used purchases so while some are in almost as new condition, others have some insignificant marks or damage and are priced accordingly. All have working table lamps though reliable operation does require clean wheels and track to reduce flickering.

Here's just a selection of images of some of the coaches listed starting at £22 post free. You'll find details in the store itself https://stores.ebid.net/toomanytrains

SOLD! Rosemary (below) is available for £SOLD post paid https://www.ebid.net/uk/for-sale/hornby-r4143b-pullman-1st-class-parlour-car-rosemary-199912796.htm


SOLD! Niobe (below) is priced at £SOLD post paid https://www.ebid.net/uk/for-sale/hornby-r4143a-pullman-1st-class-parlour-car-niobe-199908678.htm


SOLD! Sappho (below) is also priced at £SOLD post free https://www.ebid.net/uk/for-sale/hornby-r4145a-pullman-1st-class-kitchen-car-sappho-199908610.htm



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