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The first set of blocks are laid so I stuck some track on top and sent a train down as a test. The roofing felt isn't glued, the track isn't glued or pinned yet and I had to use a temporary board to run off. It was really just to get something working - anything.

By the time I did that, it had gone dark. So all I've got to prove it is a grainy video. I'll stick it up anyway and try to get some better footage in the light.

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Congratulations Barry. That's the first milestone reached.

It's always good to see something running no matter what level you've reached in the build. I used to spend hours just running trains back and forth along the short sections I'd completed up to that point and it spurs you on to keep going.

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11 hours ago, Clay Mills Junction said:

Is it possible to re-title this to 'Glen Dollar garden railway' please?

No problem. Consider it done Barry.

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  • admin changed the title to Glen Dollar Garden Railway
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So I've managed to get on a bit with the tunnel section around the camellia by working in the utility room. I've got the inner wall in place and some of the aluminium angle for the outer wall. The tunnel mouth on the left is just in there for clearance testing and not fixed. The end structure and how I affix the tunnel mouth will be one of the last things. The roof is just placed on for demonstration.
The tunnel is narrow due to space, hence I've made it quite high instead so I can get my hand in easily. The reason there are gaps in the outer alu angle is because there will be hatches to get access for recovering derailments and cleaning.
The roof and sides will be covered in roofing felt on their outer edges. The roof actually overhangs the edges and ends so this section can remain out in summer. All of the ply will be varnished before the felt goes on.
I've also got a string of battery powered Christmas lights from Wilkos to provide lighting inside the tunnel.


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On 10/28/2020 at 12:30 PM, aussietmrail said:

Hi Barry, wow that is some video, you are using DCC, like to see more video and pics please  and like DMU set .


Tony from down under

Thanks Tony. That was just done quickly with an analogue controller for the time being. Though I will be using DCC when it is up and running. If we get some better weather (it is just rain front after rain front sweeping over at the moment) I'll do a meet the fleet video once the tunnel section is in place.

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Nice work Barry. I'm glad to see you're still able to make some progress in spite of the weather. It all looks good to me.

It actually doesn't seem quite such a sharp radius curve in the photo, especially where the coach is standing. Is that the actual track layout and if so how do you propose to operate the point in the tunnel entrance?

Did you say you were planning on bunging up the entrances when the railway is not in use to deter the little creatures? I imagine slugs will be the biggest problem.

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